We all love to learn ways to save money, but we prefer to save it without having to do extra work. Since 2000, I have been making a lot of my own food from scratch to help save money on our family budget. These are my top 5 kitchen tools that help save money, while saving me time in my prep.
Top 5 Kitchen Tools That Save Money | www.joyinthehome.com

Here are my top 5 kitchen tools that save money:

  1. The Wonder Mill – I love my mill for nutritious whole grain or bean flour to use in all my recipes. In literally just seconds, I can have a cup or more of freshly milled flour to make pancakes, waffles, muffins, bread, cookies, cakes and more.  All for just a fraction of the cost for mixes in the store.
  2. Magic Mill DLX Mixer – The Electrolux Assistent – I absolutely love my mixer!  Many woman know the joy of a KitchenAid , but when you use the amount of whole grains as I do, you need something with more horsepower, so you don't burn the engine out quickly. That is why I absolutely love my mixer. It is truly my kitchen assistant.
  3. Food Processor – I use my food processor for everything from shredding cheeses to shredding or slicing vegetables.  I can easily shred several pounds of cheese, saving money on a bulk chunk, within a few minutes.  We often freeze the shredded cheese to use in casseroles or soups.  I also love making my own salsa!
  4. Rice Cooker – My rice cooker is one of the easiest ways to get a healthy meal prepared and in the morning, as well as a way to save money by using ingredients to make my own meals. You can make a whole lot more in a rice cooker, than just rice!  I literally make a full meal, with meat, beans, vegetables and rice in one pot and under 5 minutes to put it all together.
  5. Ninja Blender – One of our favorite things in the summer is freshly made smoothies!  The Ninja makes it so much easier to make and so healthy, all while a great way to save money.