In our culture, the television has become a tool to keep our children entertained.  I must admit, I have even used it that way on many occasions for all of my children. My children haven’t been able to watch anything that culture has deemed appropriate for my child, so I have needed to list the top 10 TV shows that teach good things to toddlers and preschoolers and provide them to my children.

Top 10 TV Shows that Teach Good Things to Toddlers & Preschoolers |

Top 10 TV Shows That Teach Good Things to Toddlers & Preschoolers

  1. Word WorldWord World is one of my favorite shows for my preschoolers to watch.  All of the world is made up of words that form the things in the show. Dog is formed by the letters d-o-g, sheep by s-h-e-e-p and so on.  They build words through the show, sounding them out, showing how one letter changed makes a different word.  I love it and so does my little guy. Having DVDs to play in the vehicle is also a good thing!
  2. Super WhySuper Why is my top favorite show for my little guy. He especially loves the ones with the doggy in it. Letters, words and reading are all part of each show. He also loves playing this on the Kindle Fire!
  3. StanleyStanley was one of my favorite shows when my oldest two children where young. Stanley was instrumental in my son becoming a nature lover and to enjoy journaling with the Great Big Book of Everything.  He really teaches a lot to the children about wild animals, their habitate and their habits.
  4. Toot and PuddleToot and Puddle are two piglets that open the world of geography and culture to young children. When my son first started to watch this, I wasn’t sure because of the name and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the good things being taught. Oh, and did I mention it was my 8 year old that loved it first and now my preschooler can benefit, too! You can find Toot and Puddle at the library and in games.
  5. Wild KrattsWild Kratts is a show that preschoolers and older would love about animals, habitate and geography. Two Kratts brothers learn about the creatures close up and personal in this animated show, often times saving them from dangers that face them often.
  6. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse?  I was introduced to the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse by my niece, who has a little guy the same age as mine.  I fell in love with how they introduced colors, shapes, counting, problem solving and even fractions.
  7. OctonautsOctonauts wasn’t something that I was drawn to when I first saw it.  Having my boys ask for it several times made me stop to watch it and see just what they love about it. I was quick to see that like Stanley, Octonauts opened the world of wild animals under the ocean to my children. It is one of my little guys favorite shows.
  8. Little Einsteins – I love how easy Little Einsteins allows me to introduce my little guy to classical music, art and even geography through their simple and catchy show. At first show, I was hooked and could easily see how this would fit in a Charlotte Mason education.
  9. Chuggington – Finally a show where trains can fit into a little girls world. These little trains are working for skills for when they grow into bigger trains and it is packed with character lessons that little ones really need.
  10. Special Agent OsoSpecial Agent Oso is one cute show for little toddlers and preschoolers who are wanting to learn how to do things on their own. The show uses 3 steps to learning basic skills children need to learn as they grow.

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