As a family, we love to focus on things that will become memories. We love to try new things, but we also have several things that are traditions at different times of the year, like most families. Finding the new things to try are often the struggle, so I wanted to create an ultimate spring bucket list for my own family and to help those looking for inspiration to make memories during Spring with things they may never have tried.

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List - Make family memories with these ideas that your family will love. |

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List

When you think of spring, you automatically think of flowers, so here are some flower themed activities:

  • Plant a flower or vegetable – this is a great kit to get started
  • Pick wild flowers and identify them with a field guide
  • Sketch flowers you find
  • Press flowers
  • Microwave flowers – you will LOVE this new way of pressing flowers
  • Make a flower bouquet for a homebound person (add a homemade ‘get well’ card)
  • Dissect a flower to see what is inside
  • Create Your Own Flower Field Guide – Take photos and then have them added to a photobook, along with a description of the flower’s name and where you took the photo
  • Visit a Botanical Garden – don’t forget your camera if you are doing your own field guide
  • Make a special dinner with a vase that holds your flower picking bouquet
  • Take family photos with gorgeous flowers behind you

April Showers Bring May Flowers - Spring Bucket List for the Family. |

You can’t have spring flowers without first having the spring rain… “April showers bring May flowers.”

  • Play in the rain
  • Jump in the rain puddles – children do this naturally, so this one is for the adults
  • Collect the rain to measure how much you are getting
  • Drink rain water – collect it first
  • Watch for rainbows
  • Sit on the porch and listen to the rain

Other spring related ideas…

  • Watch the bees collecting nector
  • Look for pollen on the bees legs
  • Learn about pollination
  • Learn about butterflies
  • Go to a butterfly exhibit
  • Make Origami Butterflies – here is a great book to learn how
  • Identify 25 insects
  • Create your own Insect Field Guide – another great idea for a photo book that boys may love
  • Watch the clouds and see what you think they look at
  • Have a lunch picnic at a beautiful location
  • Blow dandelions together – but don’t forget to make a wish
  • Set up a bird feeder to observe the birds –  you may get to see when mommy bird teaches the younger ones to eat from a feeder
  • Watch the evening sky and learn to identify some of the constellations
  • Look for bunnies in the wild
  • Visit a petting farm with spring animals, like goats, piglets and chicks

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