The Three Styles of Writing Your Child Should Know |

Writing isn't a favorite subject for most children, but is still very important to learn well.  Understanding that there are different styles to writing will help you have a plan in teaching writing to your child.

A few tips when teaching writing is to never give a child a blank piece of paper unless they know what to do with it already. Be active in the learning stages for each style and start with small assignments, while growing in length as their skills grow. 

The Three Styles of Writing Your Child Should Know


Creative writing is one of the easiest styles of writing to teach your child.  Most children overflow with storytelling abilities, but require ideas for these juices to start flowing.  If your child has a good imagination, giving them a writing topic (their family) can yield a wonderful creative writing in no time.

However, having a child that either struggles with writing or even imagination will need a little more help in getting started.  Using the suggestion of ‘their family' as a writing topic, you may help them find 3 to 5 things to add to their creative story about their family. Remind them that creative stories are made up for enjoyment and can be funny.

Having these few things fresh in their minds, jotted down on paper and left to write a creative story about their family could prove very helpful in getting them excited about writing their own story.


Narrative writing is a form of retelling of what is learned.  We use narrative writing as a form of book report and evaluation of what was retained in a biography or subject.

Often times, you can just have the child write what they remember of field trips, books, DVD lessons, speeches and more. You can also give them an essay question for a narrative writing assignment.  Here are a few examples:

  • What did you learn about the formation of rocks?
  • What was the result of the Declaration of Independence?
  • Who was Frederick Douglas?
  • What can you tell me about your visit to the zoo?


Research is a very important writing style your child should know and is especially important in high school and beyond.  I begin to teach research writing with nature, by having my children select an animal to learn about. They then write a research paper or nature book on this subject.

When first learning the skills of research, I give them a list of things that I want them to be able to tell me about in their writing. Here are some examples:

  • Habitat
  • Location
  • Diet
  • Tracks
  • Predators
  • Special characteristics

Once you know what styles of writing and how to teach them, you will help your children learn to enjoy writing.