I have implemented free afternoon activities into our 15 years of homeschooling and the fruit of them is amazing. As I start this 31 Days of Exploring Free Afternoon Activities, I wanted to be sure to share the importance of free afternoon activities and the benefits of structuring your days to include them.

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The Importance of Free Afternoon Activities

As a Charlotte Mason educator, I was intrigued by her method of having free afternoons for the children to work on what she calls handicrafts or hobbies. These activities were for the purpose of teaching skills or interest that could continue into their adulthood. This benefits their education by providing them the skills necessary for life.

The freedom to allowing them to choose how to use their free time once an atmosphere of education was accomplished, and a child had some independent learning skills in placed is where the true education is accomplished.

As our family began to implement these free afternoon activities, I realized that after providing them time, all that was needed were the tools. Once I knew they had a grip on using the tools provided, I would step back and allow them to enjoy these activities on their own, in what we called ‘free time'.

These free times each afternoon were cherished by myself and them.

I have some amazing memories, and more are being made in our homeschooling with our younger children, as well. As years of free time passed, I was beginning to see that interest turned into skills, and before I knew it these were forming my older children for life skills that were to be used in their job positions after graduating from high school.

I wanted to share some of the most cherished things that our children have filled their free afternoon activities with, in hope that you will be inspired, encouraged and empowered to offer this gentle way of educating your children in a way that presents itself as hands-on play, while forming them for important things that could be laying ahead for them.

As you work to implement free afternoon activities, I would encourage you to watch how your children interests lead, as they become more involved in an area of activities and offer more opportunities for fostering these activities in their own education. You may just be helping form the skills necessary for their future positions.

If you are interested in adding handicrafts or hobbies to your child's education, you may find something that will interest them in these favorite 30 activities my own children loved. You can find them here, Exploring Free Afternoon Activities

31 Days of Exploring Free Afternoon Activities | www.joyinthehome.com