So many homeschool families that I have spoken to seem to be in a constant chaos and overwhelmed by the daily activities that fill their schedule. I would love to share with you about the freedom of finding a homeschool rhythm, because from my own experience, it is a source of joy that brings peace to our daily routine and allows us to live in the moment of life, realizing that lessons are available in the unexpected things that schedules hinder.

The Freedom of Finding a Homeschool Rhythm - Learn how to find joy in your daily homeschooling when you identify your own rhythm to your homeschool. |

The Freedom of Finding a Homeschool Rhythm

Long gone are the days of our homeschooling being run by the constant pull of a time schedule. Once I saw that our home had a natural rhythm of things that we found to be necessities of our daily homeschool requirements, I was able to see that we could flow from one thing to the next without ever looking at the clock to determine what we needed to do next.

The freedom of finding a homeschool rhythm was instrumental to bringing peace into our home and allowing a unified sense of direction to our individual focus of our day.

This rhythm was key to getting our youngest child understanding what would naturally come next and allow them to naturally flow with our homeschooling with less resistance to unexpected changes or a constant pull from one thing to another, and the stress that goes with it.

We have rhythms for school days, field trip days, sick days and summer days.

In my fifteen years of homeschooling, I have seen seasons where our rhythm has changed, needing to be reevaluated and adjusted to meet these seasons in our life.