Teach Reading To Your Child

Teach reading to your child. All homeschooling parents can get stuck on this most important aspect of teaching their children. Teaching reading can be overwhelming, and daunting when you haven't done it before or not sure where to start.

Teach Reading to Your Child - Not sure what to use or how to implement supplements, this will help! | www.joyinthehome.com

Teach Reading to Your Child

If you are in a place where you need to teach reading but are not sure where to begin, I would like to share some great resources with you to help you find the right fit for your own children. Before doing that I would like to share a few tips that I have found to make it so much easier to teach readers when these are in place.

Start Early With Letter Fun

Getting your child use to seeing letters, possibly even learning their names in play will make them friends to them. I love to do hands-on activities with my children, and my youngest has proven to be the best learner for reading in our family because of the kinds of letter fun he has done since he was two.

Here are the learning boxes I have done with him to learn letters:

How to Teach the Alphabet with Legos | www.joyinthehome.com

How to Teach the Alphabet with Legos
Alphabet Tile Learning Box
Alphabet Clothes Pins Learning Box
Alphabet Beads Learning Box

Learn Phonics Without the Use of Books

The more a child learns phonics the easier reading is going to be for them. I have a few of my favorite things to teaching phonics with hands-on play that doesn't include books, and makes it easier to teach reading to your child.

In addition to these types of hands-on learning, you can also add phonic apps to your child's learning time before books with these:

Choose a Curriculum and Stay With It

Because I taught kindergarten for a year, and taught four of our children to read, I'm able to say with certainty that it takes time to teach reading to a child. What I have experienced with a struggling reader, and see it happening all the time is that we often forget that there is a process that goes into learning to read. If we don't lay the ground with the early steps of learning sounds before introducing books, the journey can take longer.

On the average it takes several months of consistent lessons to teach reading to a child. Within the homeschool community, if our child isn't reading by mid-school year, we are ready to give up on the curriculum we choose and find a new one.

Each of these changes can literally set back a child's learning for months, because they loose their confidence and begin to think the problem is them. Finding the right curriculum and sticking with it is really important to success of your child.

I can stand behind these two curriculums for reading:

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DIY Reading Lesson Cards For Learning On the Go

When a child begins to journey of reading, practice is the most important thing to having success. Once a child starts to learn the wonderful way of blending sounds together to make words, the magic for them has just started and the written language begins to come alive to them, everywhere. That is why I wanted to make my son his own DIY reading lesson cards for learning on the go.

DIY Reading Lesson Cards for Learning on the Go - Practice reading in the car, at waiting rooms or when visiting loved ones. | www.joyinthehome.com

DIY Reading Lesson Cards for Learning On the G0

Before this school year started, I had all intentions of using All About Reading to teach my last child to read, because I absolutely love the All About Spelling, however as I was putting together things for our curriculum, I had the impression that I needed to change this plan and use 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read.

One thing I have learned in these 16 years of pulling together homeschool curriculum for my children is that when you are praying for guidance in your unique child's education, you listen to those little impressions and I'm so glad that I did. He loves it, and is moving through the book with ease, and learning very quickly!

DIY Reading Lesson Cards for Learning on the Go - 100 Easy Lessons to Teach Your Child to Read is a great homeschool curriculum that teaches reading quickly. | www.joyinthehome.com

My son loves to write, and practice not only his letters but words he remembers from his reading lessons, or words he tries to sound out on his own. I want to encourage him to keep learning, and to do that at any time, so I wanted to make him some DIY reading lesson cards for learning on the go, like I did for him with the DIY Bible Lesson Cards for Learning on the Go.

These are simple and easy to make.

Using index cards, just nicely write your child's sentences that they are reading in their lessons, being sure to use a black marker, and even marks that they are seeing in their reading lesson, like the line over the ‘e' to let the child know it is a long ‘e' and it says its second sound, or ‘its name'.

Once you are done, laminate the cards. Punch holes in the corner (I like to line them up with a previous one to be sure that the holes match up correctly), and then add it to the ring. You can add more sentences as the reading lessons go on.

You can take these DIY reading lessons cards with you anywhere, allowing your child to practice in the car, in waiting rooms, or even demonstrate his or her learning to a loved one.

Your child will love these lesson cards and will practice their skill again and again, improving their reading speed each time.