Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup

Our family loves enchiladas, but I also love the simplicity of a slow cooker, especially on homeschooling days. I had made some beef stew and had some beef left over, so I thought that I would throw together a new slow cooker recipe using some of the basic ingredients to one of our favorite soups, Taco Soup. It was a success!

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup - Easy to put together and delicious! |

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup

Brown the beef stew meat first using these ingredients:

2 TBs of oil
1 pound of beef stew meat
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 TBs of Simply Organic Grilling Seasons Steak Seasoning
1 tsp of Real Salt

Place the oil in a sauce pan and heat up, while you mix the seasoning and salt into the flour. Dip the beef stew meat into the milk and then the flour before putting it into the sauce pan. Brown on all side, but don't over cook the meat.

Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup - Easy to make and delicious |

While the meat is browning, place the following ingredients into the slow cooker and mix thoroughly:

1 box of Beef Broth
1 can of tomato soup
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of enchilada sauce
1 can of corn
1 can of black beans

Add the browned beef stew meat in to the mixed ingredients and mix in the meat.

Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

Would you like a printable recipe card for this Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup Recipe Card?
Slow Cooker Beef Enchilada Soup Recipe Card |

Italian Baked Vegetables

Italian Baked Vegetables by
This is one of my favorite side dishes any time of the year.  I use a variety of vegetables, especially in summer, but this tends to be what I do during winter months.

Here is how I make Italian Baked Vegetables:

Ingredients –

2 cups of potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 cups of butternut squash, peeled and chopped
2 cups of baby carrots
2 red bell peppers, sliced
1 1/2 TB of Italian Seasoning
1 teaspoon of Real Salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions – 

Preheat oven to 425°.

Place all the ingredients in a 9X13 glass pan and mix well until it is well coated. Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

Print your own recipe card and try Italian Baked Vegetables at home:

Italian Baked Vegetables Recipe Card

BLT Panini

There is nothing so yummy as a hot BLT Panini made on whole wheat bread.  Not to mention that it takes hardly any time to make these for the whole family. Serve with a vegetable tray and dip and you have a great dinner… or even a lunch!

Here is how I make mine BLT Panini:

2 slices of whole wheat bread, buttered on one side
2 slices of cheese
3 pieces of bacon
2 slices of lettuce
1 slice of tomato

Layer it this way for the best results: buttered bread, slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, lettuce, cheese, buttered bread. Be sure that the butter is facing out, so the bread will not stick to the panini maker.

Slice in half and serve warm!


Crockpot Beef Stew

Crockpot Beef Stew

My family just loves beef stew, maybe not as our favorite but it is high on the list of autumn meals, that naturally move into winter meals as well. I though some of you would enjoy learning about my favorable and healthy crockpot beef stew that is easy to prepare and promised to be a hit it in your family.

Here is the recipe:

2# of stew meat
4-6 large potatoes, diced and peeled (you can keep the skins on for extra fiber!)
2-3 cups of diced carrots
1 cup of diced celery
1/2 cup of diced onion
1 box of beef or chicken broth
1 teaspoon of real salt
1/8 teaspoon of Pepper or to taste
2 tablespoons of onion soup mix
1 tablespoon of Simply Organic Grilled Seasoning Steak Marinade
Water to fill the liquid to the top

Crockpot Beef Stew

Place of of these ingredients in the crockpot, stir well before closing the lid. Cook on low heat for 8-10 hours or on high heat for 4-6 hours. This is freezable, so don't be afraid to make a large crockpot for a smaller family than ours.  I serve this with freshly baked whole wheat bread and it fills us perfectly!



Deliciously Easy Taco Soup

Deliciously Easy Taco Soup

This is my family's favorite soup and we eat a lot of soup, so you will want to take notice of this easy recipe!  I love it because it is FULL of nutrition and so EASY to make, especially when  you use your crockpot or quickly throw it together for a 30 minute meal.

Deliciously Easy Taco Soup

Here is the Deliciously Easy Taco Soup recipe:

2# chicken (I have used raw tenderloins in the crockpot or cooked shredded chicken on the stove)
2 cups of cooked black beans or 1 can
2 cups of frozen corn or 1 can
2 cans of diced tomatoes
1 can of tomato sauce
1 box of chicken broth
1/2 cup of taco seasoning

Deliciously Easy Taco Soup

If doing in a crockpot, add liquid first and mix in the seasoning, then the solid foods. Cook for 4-6 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low. To reiterate, I have only used raw chicken when using the crockpot.  Stir it together and cook.  Serve warm, with mexican cheese and sour cream! (my family loves it this way, but I do not like sour cream!) I serve chips on the side!  Try using Way Better Snacks for a healthy chip!

This is a great recipe to freeze!