The Ultimate List of American History Learning Resources

Do you desire to teach your children through living books, especially if you are using the Charlotte Mason way to educate your family? If so, you may not know where to look or what options are available for you, so I decided to create a list of American history learning resources for families with all ages.

The Ultimate List of American History Learning Resources - Teach your children about American History through resources they will love! |

The Ultimate List of American History Learning Resources

We started our homeschool journey in 1999, and in all of those years, we have used either living books or resources that have the living book feel. Our children have all grown loving history and learning about people and events in different eras in our American history and world history.

As with any of my book list, age and grade levels should be determined by each family. 

Here are DVD resources for the founding of American history:

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Road to Independence
American Heritage Series
Building On the American Heritage Series
The American Heritage Collection
Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White
America's Godly Heritage
Foundations of Freeman
Constitution Alive! A Citizen's Guide to the Constitution

DVDs for the whole family…

The Liberty Kids DVD series (first introduction to American history in our home)
Johnny Tremain
Daniel Boone: The Complete Series
Davy Crockett
American History of the Wild West
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Harriet Tubman
Helen Keller
William Bradford
The Wright Brothers


Timelines for the whole family…

The New Big Book of American Presidents
The Timechart History of America
American History in 50 Events
An Illustrated History of U.S. Presidents
An Illustrated Timeline of U.S. States
A Timeline History of the Thirteen Colonies
Timeline of the American Revolution
The Civil War Timeline
World War I Timeline
World War II Timeline
Vietnam Timeline
The Wall Chart of History (world history)

Books for all ages…

For You They Signed
For You They Signed – Character Studies
Lives of the Signers of The Declaration of Independence
If You Lived in Colonial Times
If You Sailed on the Mayflower
If You Lived at the Times of the American Revolution
If You Lived When There Was Slavery In America
If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad
If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War
If You Traveled West on a Covered Wagon
If You Lived At the Time of Martin Luther King
George Vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen From Both Sides
The American Revolution for Kids
The New Americans: Colonial Times
A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution
Lewis and Clark for Kids
Native American History for Kids
The Underground Railroad for Kids
The Civil War for Kids
The Industrial Revolution for Kids
The Great Depression for Kids
World War I for Kids
World War II for Kids



A Book List for Christian Girls

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for good books for your children. My daughter was our avid reader from an early age, and I could hardly keep up with reviewing books for her to read on her own. This book list for Christian girls should help you in your own journey. I love that this list is full of quality books, and void of twaddle to reflect our Charlotte Mason education. 

A Book List for Christian Girls - Are you looking for some wholesome books that will encourage your daughter in her own faith, while providing good books to read? This list is just what you are looking for! |

A Book List for Christian Girls

As our daughter was approaching her teen years, we desired to fill her reading with inspirational books that would grow her faith, while giving her the joy of reading, both in homeschooling and in her free reading.

This book list for Christian girls is very much a list that has been formed from our experience, and maybe few other nuggets thrown in that were are finding recently that we weren't aware of during her teen years.

Beautiful Girlhood
The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood
Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Plus Companion Guide
Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity
So Much More
Elsie Dinsmore
Journeys of Faithfulness
Stepping Heavenward
The Basket of Flowers
Amy and Her Brothers
The Children of Cloverly
Comfortable Troubles
Helen's Temper and Its Consequences
The Beggar's Blessing
Jessica's First Prayer
Jill's Red Bag
A Lost Pearle
Mary Jones and Her Bible
A Peep Behind the Scenes
Rosa of Linden Castle
Trapped Beneath the Surface
The Wide Wide World 
The Wide Wide World II
Zuma and the Secret of Peru
Daughters of Destiny



10 Charlotte Mason Books All Homeschool Moms Should Read

No matter how many years you have homeschooled, all homeschool moms could benefit from reading some of my favorite Charlotte Mason books for inspiration on how to have more peaceful school days. So before you plan your next school year, you should check out a few of these books. I love sharing Charlotte Mason with others because this method has been amazing for our family.

10 Charlotte Mason Books All Homeschool Moms Should Read - Gain inspiration and learn how to implement small things to make your homeschool days easier. |

10 Charlotte Mason Books All Homeschool Moms Should Read

Charlotte Mason books are so inspiring and full of ideas that can be implemented with any curriculum, or routine in learning. Some of my favorite ways of homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method are the things that are centered around some of my favorite memories in homeschooling our four children.

If you are completely knew to the Charlotte Mason way, and not sure where to start, I share some great tips to get you going in the right direction quickly.

This method of homeschooling allows you the freedom to slow down, to cherish the sweet moments of childhood, and to embrace the world around you, while completely losing yourself in the books of people, places and ideas. If you feel like you need to simplify your homeschooling, the Charlotte Mason method can help you do that.

There are ways to add a few of her methods without changing a lot of what you are already doing for your homeschool lessons.

So on to my top 10 Charlotte Mason books…

A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning by Karen Andreola

I have read this book several times because of the easy reading, the simple ideas of how to implement this way of education and the flow of the book. Simply one of the best books to read on the topic, and based off the Charlotte Mason's original series.

The Charlotte Mason Way Explained |

The Charlotte Mason Way Explained by Dollie Freeman

Although this is my own book, I have to add it to this list because it shares how the Charlotte Mason way helped me successful teach my struggling learner, while allowing me to focus on his strengths because of this gentle method. I give step-by-step examples of how we have used this method into today's homeschool culture, while building an independent learner.

A Charlotte Mason Education: A Home Schooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison

Another book based off the original series that Charlotte Mason penned herself, this book helps the reader see the benefits of implementing her methods and how to do it well.

For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

This books help build the ideals behind what education really looks like, and how this concept of education fits perfectly with the Charlotte Mason way for the learning benefits of children.

When Children Love to Learn: A Practical Application of Charlotte Mason's Philosophy for Today by Elaine Cooper

A perfect fit to read after For the Children's Sake, this book demonstrates the importance of the atmosphere of education and how it plays a role in the learning process for children.

Habits: The Mother's Secret to Success by Charlotte Mason, complied by Deborah Taylor-Hough, author of A Twaddle Free Education

Everything that Charlotte Mason wrote about habit training has been complied into one easy to read book on the topic that can make a world of difference in your home and homeschool.

The Outdoor Life of Children: The Importance of Nature Study and Outdoor Activities by Charlotte Mason, complied by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Everything that Charlotte Mason wrote on the subject of nature study and the importance of children being outdoors can be found in this complied edition.

Ideas and Books: The Method of Education by Charlotte Mason, complied by Deborah Taylor-Hough

Everything that Charlotte Mason wrote on the subject of using living books, and how those ideas formed from these books will inspire children.

The Living Page: Keeping Notebooks with Charlotte Mason by Laurie Bestvater

Dive into learning how the Charlotte Mason method can be captured through notebooks with the great book that will inspire children in ways that quizzes and test just can't do.

Minds More Awake: The Vision of Charlotte Mason by Anne E. White

Awaken the philosophy of Charlotte Mason with two aspects of her method: the way of the will and the way of reason. Once you capture this vision and awaken it within your children, learning will be a live journey.

If you are looking for more tips on how to teach the Charlotte Mason Way, I have some additional resources on my blog for you:


Learning Math Facts Through Music

Music is an amazing tool for creativity, movement and learning. I would love to share some great resources with you of how you can encourage your children to learn math through music.

Learning Math Facts Through Music - Music is an amazing tool, so why not use it for learning? |

Learning Math Facts Through Music

Child can struggle while learning math facts, but with the help of music memorization can happen quickly, regardless of the age of the child.

Recently, out of the blue, I thought to teach my Kindergarten son how to count by tens with a song that my older children learned from a fun CD, and just like that, he learned to sing it on his own. It was so simple and effective that I began to remember how music can help the brain recall better than memorizing without it. This same CD teaches the days of the week, the months of the year and many other things that children need to learn and do with ease thanks to the music. I loved the phonics portion of this CD with my older ones!

In search for additional ways to teach my son with music, I came across the Musical Math CD series that contains two CDs for just math knowledge put to song.

Musical Math by Heidi Butkus, includes: counting to 100, sorting, patterning, comparing sets (more, less, and equal), skip counting, coin recognition, estimation, addition, and subtraction. The songs are short, fun and catchy.

Musical Math Volume 2, also by Heidi Butkus, continues with the same short, fun songs that kids will be quick to catch on and start singing, which includes: telling time, measuring, putting numbers in order, and three-dimensional shapes. There are some common core songs as well, which you can skip over or use if your child's school requires this type of learning.

You may also enjoy doing a hands-on learning activity to evaluate your child's math facts knowledge that doesn't include workbooks or worksheets. My son LOVES doing this learning box activity to practice his math facts.

Learning Math with Dominos - Kids will love this hands-on way to practice their math facts knowledge without the normal use of workbooks. |

If you like the concept of using music to teach facts, not only for math but other subjects, you may want to look into some of the following resources as well:

Continent and Ocean Songs
State and Capital Songs
History Songs
Grammar Songs


Learning Math with Dominos

We don't do math workbooks for the first two years of school, but focus on hands-on activities to teach the math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My kids have loved this way of play to learn these skills. This learning math with dominos activities is how we are working on both my son's addition and writing his numbers from memory.

Learning Math with Dominos - Kids will love this hands-on way to practice their math facts knowledge without the normal use of workbooks. |

Learning Math with Dominos

When our children are as young as two, we start with hands-on learning activities with learning boxes. One of our learning boxes are Dominos. The best set to get for learning is the 12 Colored Dots Dominos which already comes in their own tin box, so you can work on all the math facts from 0-12 with this activity, as well as practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

My son just turned six, and he can already do most of his addition facts, plus most of the concepts of subtraction.

All you need to do this learning activity for math with dominos:

Learning Math with Dominos - Kids will love this hands-on way to practice their math facts knowledge without the normal use of workbooks. |

Practicing math with dominos is so easy, and your kids will love it!

All I do is pull out as many dominos that can fit on the work surface, providing space for the child to write their answers below each domino. Then I leave the child alone to work the problems, which are usually around 12 or so for our working space.

When he is done, I come back and check his work. If there are any mistakes, I will point to those, and he will correct it by crossing out the old number or erasing it, and writing the correct answer in its place or below the wrong answer.

If we are doing it on paper, we will turn the paper over and do more on the other side.

We add lines under each domino to prepare the child for regular worksheets for math. You can prepare paper ahead of time with the lines, and have the child fill the space with the number of dominos that you assigned during their hands-on learning time. My six year old loves to draw his own lines, though, so I just provide him with the number of dominos to work on during his lessons, which is around 25-30 dominos.

Learning Math with Dominos - Kids will love this hands-on way to practice their math facts knowledge without the normal use of workbooks. |

Another fun way to add more practice with the same answers that the child already provided for that learning session is to take all the dominos off the work space (being careful if you are using chalk or dry erase markers). Next, mix the dominos up and have the child place the dominos on the matching answers.

If there are any mistakes that time, separate them or make a note of the numbers on the dominos and have them practice the ones they got wrong the next day, until they have them completely correct the first time.


The History of Chocolate

This post was sponsored by American Heritage® Chocolate.

We all love chocolate, right? Once you learn about the history of chocolate, you may love it even more. Learning about the history of chocolate as currency, medicine, drinks and indulgences in the book, Great Moments in Chocolate History has been a lot of fun and insightful that it would be a perfect way to do a unit study in your homeschool or even a wonderful gift idea for a chocolate lover.

The History of Chocolate - Learning about chocolate as currency, medicine, drinks and indulgences makes a favorite dessert more enjoyable with Great Moments in Chocolate History | @chochistory

The History of Chocolate

Do you know where chocolate comes from? Most people may think it is the cocoa bean, but it is actually the cacao bean. It is only through a roasting and processing that the cacao bean name is changed to cocoa. I have taken chocolate for granted, and just ‘assumed' that it has always been a part of history, but haven't considered the path it has traveled  to become the most loved dessert today. That was until I enjoyed reading the book Great Moments in Chocolate History and learned about its historical start as currency, and how valuable it was as medicine to many cultures (I would LOVE a cupboard full of this medicinal drink) and how it has found its place in the hearts of Americans, and making its place in WWII in the form of M&M's.

Imagine getting your children excited about learning about history though chocolate!

From the Aztec Empire, explores like Christopher Columbus and Cortes, King Philip II, Louis XIV, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Marie Antoinette, Amelia Earhart and many others who are mentioned in this beautifully illustrated book about the history of chocolate could serve as a fun and exciting way to learn about world history with your family in a way that children of all ages could relate with and find interesting from the beginning.

Great Moments in Chocolate History

 Mars Chocolate North America, along with partner National Geographic Society, has just released the first of two books Great Moments in Chocolate History, which is full of fun facts that will bring chocolate into names and events like never before. To complete this book, they have added 20 classic recipes from around the world that will be a perfect way to bring math learning, and cooking skills into a true unit study for world history through chocolate and its available for sale anywhere in the world.


American Heritage® Historical Chocolate Drink

Did you know that the chocolate drink was the first way that chocolate was consumed, and not only was it used to better the performance of warriors, but was a popular beverage during the colonial days and even out at sea?   American Heritage® Chocolate is an authentic historical line of product, developed from chocolate recipes in the 1750's, it is made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. With 63% cacao, it is rich, and delicious, with amazing flavors blended together that include cinnamon, nutmeg, chili pepper, orange, anise and vanilla that will delight your palate.

Your whole family will love this historical drink, while learning about its history as it provides a perfect way to add some hands-on learning to your history of chocolate, and enjoy the flavor and the health benefits that have been recognized for over 500 years.


American Heritage® Historical Chocolate Block

We all use baking chocolate, or powdered chocolate in our recipes, but the American Heritage Historical Chocolate Block is not only easy to use in grating, chunking, shaving or baking but with 63% cacao, it gives such cocoa flavor that your recipes will taste amazing.

You can use this in any of the 20 recipes that are provided in the Great Moments in Chocolate History.