10 Items I Always Buy in Bulk

One of my ways that I save money on our grocery budget is having set things that I always buy in bulk, and have on hand for several months at a time. Although it seems hard to do all at once, the saving is amazing, and worth it.

10 Items I Always Buy in Bulk - Being frugal with saving money on food is easy with this method. | www.joyinthehome.com

I have been a bulk buyer for over 12 years and in doing so, I have learned a lot about the things that save our family the most money with buying food in bulk.

Here are the 10 Items I buy in bulk:

      1. Wheat Berries – Since I mill my own grain into flour, I save a lot of money buying in bulk. I use a lot of hard white wheat, soft white wheat and Kamut Grain
      2. Rice – One of our favorite rice is called ‘exotic rice', which is a blend of many kinds of rice, including red rice and wild rice. I use my rice cooker about one a week, so having this on hand is a good thing for our home. I always add vegetables and many times meat and beans to the recipe for a complete meal.
      3. Pasta – We use a lot of whole wheat pasta, so I buy in bulk to make things like macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, macaroni salad, spaghetti and soups.
      4. Sugar – I do not use brown sugar or white sugar in any of my recipes, so I love to buy in bulk for the substitues I use in place of these items.  I use sucanat for brown sugar and evaporated cane juice for white sugar.  You use 1 cup for 1 cup in substituting.
      5. Honey – We bake our own bread and muffins, so we really can go through a lot of honey through the months.  I always buy baking honey in a 5 gallon bucket, with gamma lids and pour that into smaller quantities to easy use. If the honey starts to crystalize, I just place it in a warm bath (hot water in a bowl, with the honey container in that) to help it soften.  I also buy Really Raw Honey in 5# jars for eating and medicinal purposes.Storage Options are Crucial to Buying in Bulk | www.joyinthehome.com
      6. Real Salt – We love Real Salt and have been using it in all of our food for over 12 years. It adds so much flavor to your food and is a healthy salt, as it has over 50 minerals in it, which surpasses other sea salt.
      7. Yeast – In making our own bread, I go through a lot of yeast.  I purchase my yeast from a wholesale club, making it very affordable.
      8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This is the only oil I use in my house, so we go through a lot of this oil. This is another item that I buy in bulk at the wholesale club.
      9. LecithinLecithin is something that I use in my bread to make the whole wheat bread lighter. It works great!
      10. Seasoning and Spices – Making much of my food from scratch can really get expensive if I'm buying smaller quantities of seasonings and spices. I have found that buying them in one pound containers are a good thing for our budget.

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