5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool

As curriculum is to your child's education, joy is to your homeschool journey. It is a necessity and worth investing in to obtain it for a lasting part of your homeschool. Knowing this is easy, but knowing how to find lasting joy in your homeschool may be difficult to many of us. But it doesn't have to be that way!

5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool - As curriculum is to your child's education, joy is to your homeschool journey. | www.joyinthehome.com


5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool

If you are like me, some days can seem to leave you drained and you need to be reminded of why you do what you do. Looking for resources to bring you out of these days when they can linger isn't on our to-do list because we just believe that it is part of the homeschooling life, but moms, it isn't!

God has promised an abundantly life, and has given us ways to live with joy, even in the hardest parts of life. We all need to seek ways to walk in this truth and experience lasting joy in your homeschool, regardless of what life may bring.

Stop Believing The Lies of Homeschooling

We believe some hurtful lies in our homeschooling journey, because of what we think is the normal way of homeschooling. Truth sets us free, and there are truths about homeschooling in a way that fits your unique family that is hard for many homeschooling moms to grasp and walk through.

Once you identify these lies, and implement steps to overcome the struggle that can happen when you have believed a lie for so long and try to walk in truth.

Go With the Rhythm of Your Home

Structure doesn't mean scheduling. Each family has a natural rhythm that they strive in when they recognize it and embraces the daily rhythm of what life looks like for your unique family.

Not sure how to find your natural rhythm?

Finding the rhythm of your home isn't that difficult, but it does require focused and observation to identify the key things that will make your home run smoother, and your home experience more joy and peace daily. It is worth every bit of the effort to find!

Strive for Simple Days

You may wonder what simple really means or if it is even possible in today's fast moving culture. It is possible, and it goes along with identifying your rhythm and adding your other responsibilities to accomplish simple days.

Striving for simple days will take some work, but once you find it, your life will be calmer, even while getting everything you need to do but with a way that keeps you experiencing joy, even in what may look like busyness to others.

Safe Guard Your Joy

Protecting your mind from the joy-stealers that we allow to happen that results in sabotaging our own joy. Renewing your mind, to focus on the good things that fill your day, will help you to safe guard your joy. Implementing new habits to remove the old habits that have been little by little taking away your joy.

Take Inventory

Understanding the source of joy in your home and routines can help you increase and keep lasting joy in your homeschool. However, taking inventory for the things that aren't working in your homeschooling and find solutions to these problems will help you not only have daily joy when you need it most, but will also be a way to having lasting joy for years to come.

If you need more help in finding lasting joy in your homeschooling, I would love to recommend Karen DeBeus' book Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool.



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Are These 3 Thieves Stealing Your Homeschool Joy

There is an enemy that looks to destroy our homeschool joy, and the thieves he uses are let in the front door by the homeschool mom. These three thieves could be stealing your homeschool joy from you quietly and next thing you know, you give over to them with all permission, until one day, you wake up realizing that you have lost all joy in your homeschooling and not sure what happened or how to get it back.

Are These 3 Thieves Stealing Your Homeschool Joy - You may be letting them in and not even realize it! | www.joyinthehome.com

Are These 3 Thieves Stealing Your Homeschooling Joy

Joy is a necessity in the life of anyone, however a homeschool mom needs to protect her joy more than anyone else because of the constant care of our family and their needs, often times overlooking our own needs.

Are you allowing any of these joy-stealers to take your necessity of joy from you?

The Perfectionism Vice

This was something that I have had to work through myself, especially in my parenting. The harmful thing for those that allow perfectionism to portray how they relate to other people is that it also teaches your children to be the same way. I see this effect in my own children, who expect more from our younger children than what they did at that age, but it was taught and we are working through this together.

This mindset was a thief that was responsible for my own lack of joy over ten years ago, and the more I focused on the things that weren't perfect in my life, especially those that were out of my own control, caused my joy to be taken more and more.

The Comparison Leech

If we were all being transparent, we would see that we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to someone else and often. The more we compare then less we feel satisfied with who we are, what we have and how things look to us. This is such a dangerous thing for anyone, but for a woman who gives her life to serve her family through staying at home and homeschooling her children, it will quickly lead to stolen joy.

The longer you compare yourself to others, the harder it will be to break this habit and regain your joy. However, learning the difference between being inspired by another person and observing the same person through comparison will be the way to break this quickly, and build healthy habits that will quickly bring joy to your life again.

Don't let this silent joy-stealer ruin what makes you amazing, as a wife, mother and homeschooling mom. We all have something that can and will inspire another person Find the joy that makes you unique and learn to be joyful of what makes you… you!

The Anger Monster

I have always struggled with anger management, especially in my early adulthood. Growing up, it was how most people around me dealt with frustration and I easily learned the habit, and brought it into how I dealt with my own family.

As I matured as a Christian, I worked hard to eliminate it and even implemented structures within our home that would help my children to choose a better way in dealing with their anger. Still working on this for 20 years, I still have my times when I need to apologize to someone for sinning while I was angry, by yelling when I could have spoken calmer.

As I worked through the Bloom: A Journey to Joy (and Sanity) for Homeschool Moms online video course, I heard things about the ‘anger monster' that I have never heard. Knowing that this was a joy-stealer I face often, I was all ears and when Alicia Michelle, the founder of this course, shared that it is “an unrealistic goal to eliminate anger, because it is a symptom of frustration happening inside.”

As a woman who longs to conquer the things that set me back, hurt my loved ones or even hinder my walk with my Savior, it was a breathe of fresh air to me, and helps me to know that the systems that I have to help eliminate this joy-stealer is so important and necessary.

If you struggle with these joy stealers, I would encourage you to read Todd Wilson's book, Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe, and hear how you can change your mindset and find joy in what you do each day, and what matters most.


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5 Steps to Simple Homeschooling Days

We all crave simplicity in our lives, but often times, we have no idea how to get there. Those that have arrived at simple homeschool days are often looked at as not doing enough academically or being relaxed in their approach. Then there are some of us, (this is where I fit) who have simple homeschooling days and can easily feel the pull to do more because it seems too easy at times, and can feel that it should be harder because of what others are experiencing.

5 Steps to Simple Homeschooling Days - Simplicity in homeschooling is obtainable with these 5 steps. | www.joyinthehome.com

5 Steps to Simple Homeschool Days

These 5 steps are not rock science or difficult to implement. They just need time to consider, ponder and depending on your place in your journey, get a little extra help in putting it together for your unique family.

  1. Unique Needs and Preferences – This one sounds so simple, but it is where I struggle most in my homeschooling journey because I can be swayed by the pull of those around me who don't follow my method of homeschooling that is a very gentle and easy to implement way to educate our children. Seeing how easy it has been for our children to be independent learners, I need to often times remind myself of our unique needs and preferences, so I can stay true to our goals in homeschooling. This necessary step to simple homeschool days is where many women struggle for this same reason.
  2. Chores and To-Do List – Let's face it, it isn't the homeschooling that can cause our days seem to overwhelming but all the other chores and to-do list that can really add that level of stress that makes simple days seem impossible. Identifying systems that are unique to your family and give you steps toward implementing a simple day is priceless. There are times that I even have to remind myself of how these systems work and once I get back into our system for chores and even our laundry, we find the peace and joy that we desire for our homeschooling.
  3. Finding Rest – Rest doesn't come easy for me, because of my personality and energy level. Knowing this, I need to work hard to find rest in my day, to help me have a simple homeschool day and not just move from one thing to the next. The more that I work to add rest into my day, I can step back and see that our simple homeschool days are providing our home with peace and my life with joy.
  4. Identifying Obstacles – These are the robbers of my joy. Our home can easily become derailed from a simple day if I don't identify and keep our obstacles into check and keep solutions available to removing them and safe-guarding us from these daily issues.
  5. Set Boundaries – Once our family understood what was allowed and where the boundaries were, and we were consistent in implementing them in our homeschool routines, the simple homeschool days were becoming a normal occurrence in our home. We all thrived to see how our days had free afternoons because of the efforts we all do to stay within these boundaries and we all have reaped the benefits.

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5 Ways to Find Lasting Joy in Your Homeschool - As curriculum is to your child's education, joy is to your homeschool journey. | www.joyinthehome.com



The Freedom of Finding a Homeschool Rhythm

So many homeschool families that I have spoken to seem to be in a constant chaos and overwhelmed by the daily activities that fill their schedule. I would love to share with you about the freedom of finding a homeschool rhythm, because from my own experience, it is a source of joy that brings peace to our daily routine and allows us to live in the moment of life, realizing that lessons are available in the unexpected things that schedules hinder.

The Freedom of Finding a Homeschool Rhythm - Learn how to find joy in your daily homeschooling when you identify your own rhythm to your homeschool. | www.joyinthehome.com

The Freedom of Finding a Homeschool Rhythm

Long gone are the days of our homeschooling being run by the constant pull of a time schedule. Once I saw that our home had a natural rhythm of things that we found to be necessities of our daily homeschool requirements, I was able to see that we could flow from one thing to the next without ever looking at the clock to determine what we needed to do next.

The freedom of finding a homeschool rhythm was instrumental to bringing peace into our home and allowing a unified sense of direction to our individual focus of our day.

This rhythm was key to getting our youngest child understanding what would naturally come next and allow them to naturally flow with our homeschooling with less resistance to unexpected changes or a constant pull from one thing to another, and the stress that goes with it.

We have rhythms for school days, field trip days, sick days and summer days.

In my fifteen years of homeschooling, I have seen seasons where our rhythm has changed, needing to be reevaluated and adjusted to meet these seasons in our life.


Exposing the Big Fat Lies About Homeschooling

There are a lot of lies about homeschooling, for instance: children lacking socializing opportunities, homeschooling parents must be patient, you need to have a degree to teach and so much more. This isn't the ones I would like to address in this post because these aren't the dangerous lies that can hurt a homeschooling family as much as a few others.

Exposing the Big Fat Lies About Homeschooling - These are the ones that most of us believe as truth and thus, the most dangerous. | www.joyinthehome.com

Exposing the Big Fat Lies About Homeschooling

We homeschoolers understand that many statements that are said about what we choose to do to educate our children are lies. However, I want to talk about the big fat lies about homeschooling that we seem to believe as fact. These lies are the roots to our loss of joy in our homeschooling journey and it is time to have them exposed and find solutions to removing the damage these lies have caused in our homes.

#1 Lie: What Works for Your Friend Will Work for You

So many moms I know listen to the well-meaning advice of our friends, or maybe we are that friend, about a curriculum or way of homeschooling that works for them and believe that this advice will work for their family.

Trusting our friends aren't a bad thing, but believing the lie that we aren't able to decide what is best for our family and that well-meaning advice is what is best for your family, without taking the time to find out what would work best for your family.

However, trusting the advice and going with it, to only find that it isn't working for you, but believing that it is the right curriculum and forcing it on your family is a lie we tell ourselves that we all need to face and learn how to find the truth in a world full of advice and curriculum, where many of them won't be the right fit for your unique family.

It is very important to understand that those families that give you well-meaning advice that have found the right curriculum for their family have found the truth for their unique journey, and you need to find the truth to yours, as well.

Truth: Each family is unique and have their own sets of learning styles, routines and needs. Your learning may look unique as well and doesn't have to fit the same ‘boxed curriculum' as your closest friends. 

#2 Lie: What Worked for Your Family Will Always Work 

As homeschooling families, we undergo a lot of changes in our homes. From new babies, to multiple level of learners, to other obstacles that can derail our best efforts in educating our children.

Once we find a curriculum or method of learning that works for our family, this doesn't mean it will always work in the different seasons of our homeschooling journey. It is so important to evaluating and understanding the truth that changes may be necessary to keep the joy in your journey.

Evaluating can be difficult but very important, especially if you really aren't sure what still is working and what is causing the ‘hiccups' or ‘stress' that is robbing your home of the joy that homeschooling can bring to your family.

Truth: There are freedoms to homeschooling that allows you to change the things that no longer work for your family to find the solutions to the new seasons in your life.