10 Days of Journaling Ideas DEF @Titus2Teacher www.joyinthehome.com shares great ideas for journaling in all subjects

I have some affiliates in this post of good things that my family has used
in our homeschooling journey and in our journaling.

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Q is for Queens

Just with studying Kings, Queens can prove to be a great way to introduce history of other countries and times. Some of the Queens that are full of good journaling ideas are Queen Esther, Queen Jezebel and Queen Isabel of Spain. Queen Elizabeth is a current queen that would be full of great interest for most of the children, as they are living in the same time period as this queen.

You can include maps, history and even clothing of what they wore. Their contributions to their kingdoms are also an area that would be worth learning about, especially in the life of Queen Esther.

R is for Recipes

Calling all cooks into the kitchen to journal a recipe is so much fun!  Journaling does NOT have to include only pen and paper, but could also include camera and recipe cards, to construct their own recipe book.  All of my children love being in the kitchen and helping to create our food to feed our family.

To add to the journaling ideas of recipes, you may want to consider doing it in conjunction with a geography study. Around The World Cookbook for kids is a great resource to find some recipes to go along with the place on the map that you are studying.  The child can take a picture and add it to their Binder Book of the country they are studying about.  They can include a recipe card next to the picture, along with a food critic review of the dish.

S is for Science

S is for Science Journaling Ideas

Our family loves science and we utilize journaling so much within this subject. I couldn't teach science without the wonderful DVD series from The 101 Series. We absolutely loves these creation based resources and base all of our curriculum off from these, include our journaling assignments. Right now they only have Biology 101 and Chemistry 101, but are currently working to complete their Physics 101 series. We have used these with our elementary studies and again in our high school.  Our whole family loves them.

What most families do not like about Chemistry is the math and I was thrilled to see that Chemistry 101 focused on the history of chemistry, introducing the elements in a very exciting way and demonstrating experiments to show how it all works.  If your child is going into a profession that will require the math, you will need to supplement that requirement.