Have you ever heard of a hope chest? I was a mother of three before I have ever heard of the term, and what it really means to have a ‘hope chest'. The moment I learned about it, I was ready to reawaken the tradition with our daughter and we did on her 16th birthday.

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Preparing a Hope Chest: Reawakening the Tradition

When I first came across the book, The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love, I hadn't ever heard of the tradition for a young girl to prepare a hope chest for her own future home.

Being a romantic at heart, as well as a practical woman who loves to give gifts that will last a long time, this concept of preparing a hope chest appealed to me immediately.

At the time when I shared the idea with my husband, he thought it was a great idea for our daughter's 16th birthday that was approaching. He would have loved to create a hope chest on his own, but the time wasn't available to us, but looking back, I really wish we had made the decision to have my husband hand craft one for her.

At the time of us giving the hope chest to our daughter, she was still in that awkward stage of not feeling much like a lady, although she knew she strongly desired to be a wife and mother. Part of her problem at that time was that she really didn't enjoy the work in the kitchen, although she had great skills for cooking and baking.

What we didn't expect when we gifted her with her own hope chest was that her interest of all things home would ignite because of the gift.

She immediately started finding things in her room that were important to her. Things that she would want to hand down to her own daughters one day, like her American Girl doll, America Girl ornaments, her favorite books and more.

Once she got the feel of the meaning of her hope chest, her heart changed and she wanted to start collecting things that would fill her home. She started filling the hope chest with things that belonged to me that I wanted to offer to her, items she purchased on her own and things that were gifts to her for many years since then.

It was during that time, that she even started her own cookbook! She would ask my friends for recipes of things that they made that she really liked, and she would add them to her personal cookbook. She still uses that same one today!

Today, as she is in her early 20's, her hope chest is full and she is waiting for the man that will capture her heart. I'm so happy that we took an old fashion tradition, and turned it into a legacy of love for our daughter. I know you would love the tradition, as much as we have.

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