Photography props are so important for any budding photographer. Over the years of my own love of photography, I quickly learned that the surrounding of a photo is what is really important to making it look just right. Learning photography doesn't have to cost a lot of money, as long as you know what you are looking for and where to get it for the best price.

Photography Props For Budding Photographers - A few key things for a budding photographer to get inspiration to be creative is all they need. |

Photography Props for Budding Photographers

When a budding photographer first gets their camera, they are taking photos of everything. (need helping finding the right camera, you should check these suggestions for all budgets) From people, things, landscapes, nature and anything that comes into their lens.

As a photographer skill improves, and they want to start taking photos for others, props become something that is important to them. Photography props can really make a photo, or even ruin a photo.

We are always taught to come close to your subject. Then come closer. It is so true, so having the right props to create the feel of a photograph is really important.

There are some types of photos that do not need any extra props, like landscape photos or sometimes even portraits of people, if you shoot outside, around a beautiful landscape.

Nature is another type of photo that doesn't require props, but a great lens is really important to get the right shot. One of my favorite lens for nature shots is my Macro lens, because of the quality it provides to close up photos.

If you are really into taking nature shots, you will want to get a 55-200mm lens. If you are going on a safari or what to learn how to shoot photos like National Geographic, you will something more in the range of a 200-500mm or higher.

Now with all of that said, if you want to just add some props to make your pictures just look amazing, I would highly recommend several things for buying them: yard sales, Dollar Store, Goodwill, antique stores and any attic or garage that you can get access to.

Here are the things that I collect for props that any budding photographer would want to add to their own collection:

  • Old, distressed looking chairs for outside portraits
  • Old, distressed looking frames for popular portraits
  • Antique looking quilts
  • Colorful plates, cups and dishes – smaller sizes are always the best
  • Antique looking suitcases, or books
  • Wood designed paper (Hobby Lobby is a great resource for this!)
  • Unique looking pens, pencils or even quills
  • Fun fabric or paper for close up of smaller items
  • Different shapes of things that can fill the photo – circles, squares, rectangles
  • Fuzzy and ruffled things for baby photos
  • Old looking toys, or tools

You can also use props around your area, like these ideas:

  • Stone walls
  • Brick walls
  • Steps
  • Playground, swings
  • Wooded area
  • Bridges
  • Rock structures
  • Historical buildings – especially beaten wood structures
  • Open pastures
  • Wild flowers in a field
  • Unique landmarks for your area