My preschooler loves learning boxes of all kinds, however his love of colors and sorting makes this pattern learning box a perfect learning activity for him.

Pattern Learning Box - Early start on sorting by colors and shapes, while introducing a child to geometry through hands-on pattern play. |

Here is what you will need to do a Pattern Learning Box:

Learning patterns through learning boxes |

My little guy loves to have the pattern blocks spilt out on the table, so he can easily find the colored shape that he is looking for next. I love the simple activity cards because they really are something that I was able to show him how to do in just a matter of a few seconds and he caught on. The different colors on the cards help him to identify by color first and then think about the shape as he places it on the card.

We enjoy talking about the object he is building and he likes to tell me things about them as he is working on his activity card.

Using colors to teach patterns with fun activity cards for an enjoyable pattern learning box |

He loves for me to take a picture of his finished card, so he can show his daddy in the evening.

This is a perfect learning box for when I need 10-15 minutes for another project in the house or to help another child in homeschooling.

I store the patterns in an box with the activity cards next to it, so he can easily get them out for his own learning box time.

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