Music is an amazing tool for creativity, movement and learning. I would love to share some great resources with you of how you can encourage your children to learn math through music.

Learning Math Facts Through Music - Music is an amazing tool, so why not use it for learning? |

Learning Math Facts Through Music

Child can struggle while learning math facts, but with the help of music memorization can happen quickly, regardless of the age of the child.

Recently, out of the blue, I thought to teach my Kindergarten son how to count by tens with a song that my older children learned from a fun CD, and just like that, he learned to sing it on his own. It was so simple and effective that I began to remember how music can help the brain recall better than memorizing without it. This same CD teaches the days of the week, the months of the year and many other things that children need to learn and do with ease thanks to the music. I loved the phonics portion of this CD with my older ones!

In search for additional ways to teach my son with music, I came across the Musical Math CD series that contains two CDs for just math knowledge put to song.

Musical Math by Heidi Butkus, includes: counting to 100, sorting, patterning, comparing sets (more, less, and equal), skip counting, coin recognition, estimation, addition, and subtraction. The songs are short, fun and catchy.

Musical Math Volume 2, also by Heidi Butkus, continues with the same short, fun songs that kids will be quick to catch on and start singing, which includes: telling time, measuring, putting numbers in order, and three-dimensional shapes. There are some common core songs as well, which you can skip over or use if your child’s school requires this type of learning.

You may also enjoy doing a hands-on learning activity to evaluate your child’s math facts knowledge that doesn’t include workbooks or worksheets. My son LOVES doing this learning box activity to practice his math facts.

Learning Math with Dominos - Kids will love this hands-on way to practice their math facts knowledge without the normal use of workbooks. |

If you like the concept of using music to teach facts, not only for math but other subjects, you may want to look into some of the following resources as well:

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