10 Days of Journaling Ideas DEF @Titus2Teacher www.joyinthehome.com shares great ideas for journaling in all subjects

I have affiliate links within this post of good things that our family has used
in our homeschooling journey of journaling.

So far this week, I have shared journaling ideas for Anatomy, Biography, Composers, Dinosaurs, Explorers, Founding Fathers, Geography, History and Israelist.

J is for Jesus

J is for Jesus Journaling Ideas

Studying the life of Jesus is one of the best ways to share your Christian believes with your children. We have used Nest Entertainment animated bible stories on DVD for 14 years and will continue to use these for years to come. These are the easiest way to introduce Jesus to your young children and bring the Bible to life for them.

Some great journaling ideas for the life of Jesus would be to journal his miracles, his parables and his travels.

K is for Kings

K is for Kings Journaling Ideas

Kings are a great way to study a country, empire or nation.  Using a good timelines from Bible times to current times is a good way to study the line of Kings for different countries, their titles and what they are best know for, including the battles or wars that happened during their reign. One of the most interesting lines of kings to study is the kings of Israel and the division of the nation.  God promised David that there will always be one of his ancestors on the thrown.  I have heard that Queen Elizabeth can be traced back to King David, but can't find the resource to share it with you in this post. But it would make a great high school assignment for a student needing to learn researching skills.