How to Use World of Language Books the Charlotte Mason Way

As part of this Review Series, I wanted to be sure to mention the World of Language books from Ruth Heller. These books are a grammar course disguised as living books. Brilliant!  Each book has a focus of grammar that is being taught, thoroughly!Here is how to use World of Language Books the Charlotte Mason Way:

How to Use World of Language Books the Charlotte Mason Way

Read and Re-read

You will want to read and re-read each book with your children or have older children read it if they have a problem with certain areas of language.

Practice What Is Read

In each book, there are examples of all parts of that language focus. Have your child practice what is being taught on a piece of paper.   Offer more examples for them to practice, until they have mastered it.  You could also have your child write their own list, as an evaluation of things that are being absorbed and mastered.

How to Use World of Language Books the Charlotte Mason Way
Write Short Stories

As you go through several of the World of Language Books, you can have your child write stories that pertain to this aspect of writing.  Let them make silly stories, fictional stories and true stories.

Practice with Other Resources

You may want to invest in some Mad Libs or things similar to these, where the child puts the requested parts of language in the blank spaces to finish stories.

Identify Parts of Language from Reading

Using good living books, have your child identify the parts of language that they have learned about in their own reading assignments.  This will be a great exercise for all ages to do with their living books, because as a child grows their sentences do as well, giving more opportunity to pull apart complex sentences and seeing what they have learned.