In our culture, animation captures a child's imagination.  Tapping into this powerful aspect of a child's mind and bringing it into the way you teach history, can open up a world of wonder into the history of our world. I know because that is what happened to my older two children and now both of my younger children is walking in the same exciting journey through history.

How to Use Animated DVDs to Teach History

Why You Should Use Animated DVDs to Teach History

If the DVDs that you are using are both accurate and capturing animation, you will be able to introduce your children to amazing men and women of the past in a way that they find entertaining. Using these tools to enhance the living books that you use in your homeschooling will only deepen their knowledge and excitement for those of the past. These tools will also introduce the time period, clothing, culture and architecture that surrounded the men and women you use to teach history.

How to Use Animated DVDs to Teach History

To teach history in a way that animated DVDs will enhance their learning is to be sure to implement them properly. Here are the ways that I have used them successfully:

  • Introduce the men or women through living books first – You can use picture books, Bible stories, short or longer biographies and even your own narrations of these people. The idea is to first ‘introduce' them with out the animation being the first introduction to a new person. 
  • Introduce the location and time period of the men or women second – Giving them an idea of where and when this person is placed in history is the second important part of successfully enhancing the way you teach history with animated DVDs.
  • Evaluate what your child knows before introducing the visual aid of a DVD – Having an idea of what your child knows already will give a good gage of how effective the animated DVDs are in how you teach history.  You can evaluate them by simple oral narration or a small written narration of what they remember.
  • Introduce the animated DVD – Toward the end of a study on a man or woman, you will introduce the DVD and just simply watch it.  At the end of the viewing, re-evaluate the child and see what more information has been gathered and retained.

What are the Best Animated DVDs to Teach History

I have my top favorite DVDs that all of my children have and will use in their enhanced history education.  These were the best money we have spent and invested in our children's ‘extra resources' and I'm excited to share them with you:

  • Nest Animated DVD – These DVDs are amazing and completely accurate in details. They have 56 DVDs that includes Old Testament, New Testament and History heroes that will engage them and give them amazing understanding of the men and women you would love to introduce them to.

  • Liberty's Kids: Complete Series – If you want your children to know the founding of our nation and the sacrifices that were made, you will LOVE to introduce them to Liberty's Kids. These are amazing history of the time before the Revolutionary War and to the start of the United States of America. Each episode is 30 minutes long and full of great historical events that you will be learning along side them. At least I did!

I hope you find these tips in how to utilize DVDs to teach history and would love to hear if you use other DVDs in your teaching history.