Use the Central Desk for #learningcenters for #preschool @Titus2Teacher from shares how she has created easy access to great learning centers.

Having a preschooler in our house means that there is always activity and the desire for the next thing.  A few months ago, I decided that I was going to turn our central desk into a storage area for his preschool learning centers. It proved to be a ‘good thing' right away.

Here is how I changed a ‘catch all' central desk into the perfect storage for my son's learning centers:

Turning central desk into #storage for #learningcenters

  • I first emptied everything out and either found homes for what was placed there or we threw it out
  • I purchased the plastic shoe boxes at Walmart for $1 each
  • I placed learning activities that I found on Pinterest and some of my son's favorite things to do (like nerf guns – it happens when you have a 10 and 17 year old son that he adores and desires to emulate in EVERYTHING) for 15-30 minutes
  • I established the ‘one bin at a time rule', in order to keep them in their own place and organizedFollow my Hands on Learning board from great #toddler and #preschool activities @Titus2Teacher from

Here are some of the bins that I have in there:

  • Colored pom-poms for him to sort using an ice cube tray – sorting is something he did on his own before he was 2 years old (he separated his mixed snacks on his high chair, so you can imagine my surprise when I turned my head and saw two piles; one pile of cheerios and the other with goldfish) and still will separate EVERYTHING!
  • White Rice box with a large filter, measuring cups and measuring spoons (from the dollar store).  He loves to get out a cookie sheet and add rice to it to form his letters or play with his cars in it
  • Marbles, spoon and ice cube tray for hand-eye coordination (and to use with the marble works)
  • Play-doh cutters, alphabet and number cutters and other tools
  • Lego pieces of animals and ‘men' with larger pieces (he loves to play this with his older brother)

Using drawers for for #learningcenters @Titus2Teacher from
The last thing I did was place his play-do in the drawers, coloring pencils, coloring books, magnifying glass and his ipod (remember how much his wants to be like his older siblings), so he can easily get to them.

We all were thrilled to see a space that wasn't being used to his ability turn into the perfect storage place for our preschooler's learning centers.

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