This holiday the children and I threw our first cookie decorating party and it was a GREAT thing. I thought you would like to know the steps we did to make our decorating party a fun time for all those we were able to attend.


  1. We invited only a hand full of families but only had two families attend. Still a perfect size when you consider that with three families we had 16 people that decorated.
  2. The day before my daughter and I made a triple batch of our Deliciously Easy Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies, using a cute set of LCP Gifts Nativity Story Metal Cookie Cutter Set of 12 & devotional notes 77323 to cut the dough.
  3. On our dining room table, I put out 20 plates and each plate got one of each kind of cookie, once they were cooled.
  4. I then placed the cookie plates in large bins to keep them fresh for the next day.
  5. In the morning, we made Wilson's Buttercream Frosting and added several different color dyes to the frosting.
  6. Then we filled the frosting bags half full (well, after we fixed the mess we did, but this is teaching you how to do successfully, so the steps will not have our little mistake!).
  7. Fold down the frosting bags and put staples in them, to keep the frosting from coming out when the children consistently squeeze from the bottom.
  8. Place some chocolate chips, M&Ms, mini-marshmellows, Christmas sprinkles in small bowls in the center of the table.
  9. Give each child their own plate and let them be creative!
  10. GRAB the camera and be sure to capture some of the beautiful creations!


This was a wonderful time with friends and was enjoyed by all of us!