Teach spelling with cars is something your kids may not expect, but would love. This is a great learning box activity for preschoolers or elementary children who are learning their alphabet or spelling. These adorable printable cars can be found in my Teaching with Cars ebook.

How to Teach Spelling with Cars - This hands-on learning box is perfect for children learning their alphabet or those working on the skill of spelling. | www.joyinthehome.com

How to Teach Spelling with Cars

Here is how we use these printable cars to teach spelling in our home.

My son and I worked together to put the alphabet cars in alphabetical order.  Once we had them in order, we were ready to start doing the learning activity. You can use any spelling cards. Our favorites are first words, spelling review box and sight words.


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Build the Word

Give your child a flash card with a word and a picture, being sure not to use one that had double letters, like in the word ‘bees'. (You can print a second copy to utilize words with two letters.)

Sit back and let your child find the cards with the match letters. It amazes me that although the ‘a' is different on the car and on the flash card, my son and my other children have always been able to know exactly what they are. Amazes me every time!

They may find the letters in different order. If they do, just have them put them in order to build the word correctly. Begin teaching that when we have a letter out of place, it isn't spelled correctly and will not be right.

He enjoys Word World and loves to do word building on the Kindle Fire and in this activity.


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Spell the Word

Once the word is built correctly, have the child point to each car and spell the word and then say the word. The picture will help them know what they are spelling, but give them as much help as they need to be successful in learning how to spell.


How to Teach Spelling with Cars - learn phonics www.joyinthehome.com.jpg

Teach Phonics With Cars

My son already knows he letters, so we used this activity to teach the phonics sounds of the word that was built. With the word ‘soap', I told my son that the ‘o' and ‘a' say ‘long o' when they are together.  We sounded out the word together and said, “s-O-p” together.

We use a free phonics app to help teach him the sounds through play and he enjoys that activity!