Hands-on learning is very effective way to turn playtime into learning time. This learning box activities takes only a few minutes to set up and will allow your children to learn number recognition, and learn to count while you teach numbers with Legos.

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

What preschooler wouldn't love to learn their numbers with these colorful Legos and using their hands to build at the same time.

How to Teach Numbers with Legos

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Use Permanent Marker and Flash Cards

With a permanent marker, write the numbers on one color. On a second color write the number word and then on a third color add one dot for each number. If you make a mistake or want to recycle your Legos for other projects just use a Magic Eraser to remove the permanent marker easily.

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Place a Few Options in View

Once you have the Legos marked and flash cards ready to teach the numbers, you will want to place a few options in view for the preschooler.  My preschooler loves to sort by colors, so I position the Legos by colors. He likes to work with one color at a time, so we start with his favorite color… yellow!  These are the numbers, so it works perfectly with the flash cards that we use for this learning bin.

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Identify and Build Each Color

Once he has placed the number on each of the cards, he then works with the next colors that have the number words and number dots on them.  As he identifies where each Lego goes, he then places them on the card and builds it with the Legos already there. He works on numbers 1-5 first and then numbers 6-10 to keep him from being overwhelmed by the options.

How to Teach Numbers with Legos www.joyinthehome.com

Store Legos and Flash Cards in a Plastic Bin

One way to make it easy to teach numbers with Legos is to keep them in a plastic bin when they are not being used. My preschooler loves to take his work apart and put them back in the bin for next time.

Recently, I share How to Teach the Alphabets with Legos and other ways to use Legos to teach homeschooling. In this post, I will share how I teach numbers with Legos.