How to Teach Number Recognition with Sequence

Our family loves to play board games.  One of those games is Sequence, which is played with cards and chips.  After a recent game night, my 4 year old wanted to play Sequence with me. I quickly realized I could teach number recognition with Sequence, so the game began!

Here is how to teach number recognition with Sequence:

There are three colored chips to choose from: green, blue and red.  Have each person choose a color.

Shuffle the cards and give each player their own part of the deck, to make it easy for little arms to reach.  Place the deck near them.

Number Recognition

Have each person pick up a card, either together or one turn at a time.  Have your preschooler study the card they picked. Have them point to the number and see if they can identify the number. If they can’t introduce the number to them by saying, “This is a 4.”

Have them count the objects on the cards. We call them as they are: 4 hearts, 4 diamonds, 4 spades or 4 clubs.

After the child has worked the card, they search the board for the match to the card. It must be the number and the suit of card. So if the child drew the 4 of hearts, they need to find the 4 of hearts. With Sequence, there are 2 matches of each card on the board.

Teaching Number Recognition with Sequence

Once a child has found their match, giving them help if needed, they put their own color chip on that spot and discard their card.

There are no losers to when you teach number recognition with Sequence, but it is fun to see how many matches were made and keep track of beating their best the next time.