As a Charlotte Mason educator, music appreciation is important to our homeschooling. We strive to learn about different types of music, early in homeschooling. Things like outdoor concerts and patriotic concerts are something we attempt to do often.

How to Teach Music Appreciation the Charlotte Mason Way @Titus2Teacher

We all know how important music is to our lives, but music appreciation is more than just enjoying listening to your favorite kind, but also to experience classical music. Charlotte Mason introduced her students to the classical music that was prevalent in her world and still is in ours. This is what makes it classic!  It is amazing how intrigued a person becomes when giving classical music a try!

Allow me to introduce to how Charlotte Mason Would Teach Music Appreciation:

  • One Composer for a Term – She broke her school year up into terms and introduced one composer during that term, with a new musical piece to listen to daily for the week. You can decide what a term would look for in your home school and from that, decide how many musical pieces would need to be studies during that time. 
  • Study the Composer as a Person – To become familiar with a person is to understand them. Charlotte Mason knew that and had her children become introduced to the composers they study through biographies. Today, we have the wonderful resource of visual biographies in the form of DVDs and my favorite resources for this is the Devine Entertainment’s 6 Set of Composers DVDs. I love how these bring to life the composer and their work before your eyes, literally drawing in those watching, while learning of the life of the composer and learning what influenced them in their music
  • Introduce the Music – At the beginning of the week, Charlotte Mason would have the children listen to one of the musical pieces of the composer. They would become familiar with the name of the piece and listen to watch instruments could be identified by listening, the tempo, the mood and often times hear a story within the music.
  • Learn the Music – Music often took form in learning an instrument and replicating the piece of music on the instrument that was being learned.
  • Go to a Concert – Attending a concert when pieces of music will be played that has been studied for the term is a rewarding thing for your family to experience it in person. If a concert can’t be enjoyed, you may want to find a youtube video of a piece being played.

Here is a wonderful resource for classics for kids!