There has been some seasons in our life that the best plan of sick-proofing our kids during the winter is literally staying at home, and isolating ourselves from others. We did this a lot when our last child struggled with so many issues due to his immune system being attacked all the time, and knowing that all he needed was time to gain his health, and strengthen his immune system. It didn't take long that I realized that I needed to teach my son how not to spread germs.

How to Teach Kids to Not Spread Germs - It isn't enough to teach your kids about germs, you need to teach them how to stop spreading it. |

How to Teach Kids to Not Spread Germs

Children are perfect carriers of all types of germs. Teaching children, even at a very young age, key things that will keep them from be intentional to not spread germs.

This is taking the conversation about GERMS one more step.

My sweet baby boy has been sick so many times in his little life and even has suffered THREE febrile seizures during his first few years that his immune system was being hit all the time.

Here are things I had to teach him that has helped a lot, but still needing to be reinforced often because boys need the reminders.

    1. Wash your hands OFTEN. Before you eat or touch food that others will be eating as well. Especially after using the bathroom. When in public, avoid touching things that many people touch, especially if children are touching them before your kids.
    2. Keep your hands OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. This is a hard one to teach, but so important, especially if you go out of the house often. I have even had to teach this same child to NOT lick the handles of carts at stores. Each time I have caught him with his mouth on the cart, he got sick.
    3. Cough and sneeze into the bend of your arm. We tend to use our hands to cover our mouth, but the best way to do it is into the bend, because most people will never touch us there, and we don't use that area of our arm to touch other things. This alone will help minimize the spreading of germs.
    4. Don't share drinks. Sharing drinks is one of the fastest ways of having germs spread. Use color coded cups to make it easier for younger children to know which cup is theirs and which isn't. Assigning a color to a child to always be their cup, makes it even easier to remove the sharing cups concern.
    5. Sterilize tooth brushes often. Buying tooth brushes isn't always in the budget, but it is very easy to sterilize tooth brushes when germs are in the house, and especially after a child has been showing signs of becoming sick. All you do is bring a pot of water to boil, and drop the tooth brush in the water for 30-60 minutes. Remove the brush and let cool before using.

The more we educate our children, and demonstrate the same healthy behaviors to not spreading germs the better they will emulate these habits as their own.

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