Geography can be a difficult subject to teach if a child isn’t interest in maps. Learning how to teach geography with books, as it is taught in the Charlotte Mason way, can really open up the interest of a child and give them excitement about the dry facts of cities, states and countries. Starting your children with learning about geography with books is a sure way to get them interested in geography and building on their knowledge for all future learning.

How to Teach Geography with Books - Learn how to turn dry maps into interesting subjects with books! |

How to Teach Geography with Books

To teach geography with books, you need to start with the right books. The right books will be the kind of books that include adventure and can hold a child’s attention. I have always used a series of books to introduce geography with my children and it has always been successful, as these have become cherished books in our home library.

I seem to use these books from Holling C. Hollings in the same system each time I use them to teach my children. I will share the books in the order that I read them aloud to my children. (These are also perfect books to teach narration as well). Each chapter is only one page, with the exception of Minn of the Mississippi. The illustrations are captivating and aid the younger children in developing narrations skills while keep their attention as parts of geography unfolds.

The trick to adding geography is to always find the place on a map after the reading. A great way to do that is to mark it on a printable map that the child can color on their own.

Paddle-to-the-Sea is a story of a little carved canoe with an Indian that travels through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean and the adventures he experiences along the way.

Tree in the Trail is a story of a tree in the middle of the Santa Fe trail during the western expansion.

Seabird is a story of an ivory carved seabird that travels with a boy through his life as a sailor in America during the early sailing history.

Minn of the Mississippi is a story of a turtle that travels the mississippi. I purposely hold this book off until later years because of its references of evolution and the longer chapters.

Other books by Holling C. Hollings that you may enjoy: