You may not think that it would be difficult  to teach colors. Normally, you would be right. However, when my second child (my first son) was a preschooler, I couldn't get him to tell me what colors he knew or sing the ABCs with me. One day while he was playing with his cars, I asked him to give me a red car. I was shocked when he did. I started to go through the colors and shocked to know that he knew them all!

How to Teach Colors with Cars -  Have fun while teaching your child colors, and matching. |

My last child (my third son) isn't so reserved, however he LOVES cars and all ready knows his colors, but absolutely loves to sort things. While I was watching him play with his cars one day (and capture it in pictures), I became inspired to add some car learning boxes to his collection.

How to Teach Colors with Cars

I created car printables just for my son to learn many things, including his colors, alphabet, counting, addition, subtraction and spelling.


Teaching colors with cars and parking spaces


After I printed out and laminated the cars, I cut them out. My son couldn't wait to do ‘an activity' with them. He was so excited!

I added the colored cars to our table and told him they were ‘parking spaces for cars only with those colors'.  Placing his car bin next to him on a chair, he went through his cars and ‘drove' them to their parking lots.

Teaching Colors with cars
I loved that when he found cars that matched each other (like in the photo above) he would drive them together.


Teaching colors with cars sorting


When a ‘parking lot' was full, I would ask him to count how many of that color he had in the parking lot.


Teaching colors with cars fun


He was having a ball with this activity, making car sounds and revving up engines, as he would move them around. He even began to play that the cars had somewhere to go and moved around the table.

You could easily add instructions of how many cars you would want in each parking spot to include counting or just allow these to be used as a playing creative.

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