I have used the Charlotte Mason method since 2000 and I still LOVE it.  I shared how to teach Preschool through 2nd grade and know that many of my readers and looking forward to more tips in teaching their older children.  So let's look at how to teach 34d through 6th grade the Charlotte Mason way.

How to Teach 3rd Through 6th Grade the Charlotte Mason Way - Key elements to making this age group love to learn is all it takes for true education. | www.joyinthehome.com

How to Teach 3rd Through 6th Grade the Charlotte Mason Way

Living books are the key to a Charlotte Mason education.  Below, I share just a few of my favorite living books for each subject, to inspire you to find good living books for your unique children, instilling inspirational ideas into their minds.

At this age, your children should be reading at least 30-90 minutes a day, some say even longer, but Charlotte Mason always taught short lessons that got longer as the child grew in age.  Splitting this time of reading up into different subjects is a great way to have your child learn from living books, while narrating what they have read.  With Charlotte Mason, written narration started around the age of 10 years old.

Living Books for Literature

Living Books for Nature and Science

Most children are naturally draw to nature and science.  Allowing their free afternoons to be filled with opportunities to explore and discover is a great way to instill nature studies with your children, even if you aren't outside with them.

Journaling was a big part of Charlotte Mason's assignment for children.  They were to capture what they were observing in nature and add it to their journal.  For Charlotte Mason, this wasn't an assigned entry of what she wanted, but inspired only by the child.  She desired them to identify what they entered and even a little bit about where they found it.  What a precious keepsake and habit to train this age group in their homeschooling.

Living Books for History

Our family LOVES history!  So many people and events have captured our minds since we started this amazing homeschool journey that I wouldn't be able to share it all within this post.  What I can share are highlights of American history that are worth learning about, but I would encourage you to enjoy the People to Study series that I have done, to get further ideas for your history studies.

What I have found to be true in our home for these grades is that my children love to study the American Revolution, Frontiersmen like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, pioneers like Laura Ingalls Wilder, expansion through trials, like the Oregon trail and so many other parts of history that have adventure, risk and survival.

Check out my Ultimate List of American History Learning Resource.

Living Books for Geography

You can easily teach geography with any living book, by just looking up any location that is mentioned in the book and finding it on a map. You can mark each location with the title of the book that introduced you to the place or you can create a map for each book.

Geography is literally everywhere!

There are some books that I just love using during these grades, so I would want to share them with you, if you want to have more of a geography focus on your studies.

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