As a Charlotte Mason educator, studying flowers is a requirement for my children.  I absolutely love having them study flowers with journaling and with photography.  Having nature study time around flowers is not only pleasant but a perfect way to welcome spring after a long winter.

How to Study Flowers


Here is how to study flowers:

Get Close

Flowers have so many things to teach about and getting close is the first step.  Having a magnifying glass is a fun way for preschoolers to get involved with a learning and beginning to learn the vocabulary of a flower.

Bring a Field Guide

Learning what a flower’s name is important.  We use a field guide to learn their names and anything particular about the flowers that we come across.


I required my high school children to take a set number of photos for flowers.  They needed to include some of the aspect of what we being learned in their photography lessons.  We created a photography keep sake for their high school records.


From the photography that my older children took or from field guides, nature journal assignments were given to the younger children through middle school.  They were to label and identify which flower it was and often times, label where we found it.

Living Books about Flowers

Learning about the parts of a flower, pollination and the unique kinds of flowers, we would use living books to learn as much as we could about the flowers in our area or in other area (throwing in geography).