Parenting a strong-willed child can be more than difficult, but down right emotional and depressing some days.  Even when you are striving to harness your strong-willed child the right way, it can be very taxing on you, leaving you feeling overcome by this one child that you aren’t sure how to make it better.

How to Stay Encouraged Parenting a Strong Willed Child - Days are hard when parenting a strong-willed child, but these tips will help you on the hardest of days. |

I know because I have been there. 

I remember the days where I cried myself to sleep, or even just cried in front of my daughter because I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. It was so emotionally draining that at times I couldn’t wait to start the next day, but I had just started the day I was in.

How to Stay Encouraged While Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

These are the things that I did to stay encouraged in my parenting, and some worked better than others, so once you find your gems… focus your attention there.

  • Spend Time in Prayer and Scripture
  • Timeouts for Both Parent and Child
  • Pre-determine Consequences for Disobedience and Enforce Them Quickly
  • Cry When You Need To
  • Have a Prayer Intercessor You Can Call in Difficult Times
  • Implement Quiet Time Daily for Your Whole Family
  • Play Soothing Music When You Feel Discouraged
  • Take 30-60 Minutes for Yourself Daily or for sure Weekly
  • Go to the Store by Yourself as Often as Possible
  • Let Your Spouse Parent in the Evening
  • Cuddle with Your Strong-willed Child OFTEN
  • Find Ways to Laugh Daily – Your Children Can Be Great Comedians!

The key to staying encouraged is to find something to recharge you, to be honest about your feelings, to ask for support, to be a team with your spouse, to take time for yourself and to find JOY within your family.

If you keep these keys as your focus, even the hardest days will get easier and you will grow stronger in your parenting.


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