All families need a time to enjoy each other and be together. Summer time is when most families take the time to do just that. I would love to share with you some ways you can spend less during summer vacation.

How to Spend Less During summer Vacation - Vacations do not have to cost so much. Learn these frugal tips to making summer vacation cost less. |

How to Spend Less During Summer Vacation

  • Enjoy a Staycation in your area – Explore the things that get over looked in your area all year long!
  • Get coupons booklets in local restaurants – At the door of most restaurants, you will find deals and coupons that are a great way to save off some cost to the local attractions of your choice
  • Check for Promo codes online – With the rise of smart phones, finding promo codes, even at the last minute can be very easy and worth looking!
  • Spend less on your lodging – There are many popular cabins in high tourist attractions that can help you spread your vacation budget even more.
  • Choose a Lodging that has their own enjoyment included – If you were to stay at a hotel that has a nice family focus, you could easily spend a few days of the vacation doing things on their premises.  Some places have pools, miniature golf, game rooms or paddle boating.
  • Get a time share package and listen to the sales talk BUT SAY NO (you are trying to spend less) – Not only do you get a discounted cost for your stay, but they also throw in some coupons or free tickets to local attractions. It does take a full morning off your vacation, but time is money, and worth it!  Plan to spend that day enjoying the time share location and taking advantage of the member's benefits.
  • Do your own cooking – Eating out is one of the biggest expenses for a family during a vacation.  Making your own BIG breakfast, packing snacks to take out with you and having dinner or take out in your room can save hundreds on vacation. Some parks allow you to bring in your own food, where others do not. Check before going for the guidelines for your attraction.
  • Set a budget and stick to it – When you go on vacation it is so easy to do impulse buying or spending. Do as much planning and budgeting before going, so that you can do your best to stay within your planned budget.

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