For the last several years, I have promised myself a relaxing summer because I have desperately needed them.  Yet, each passing summer never found me doing much relaxing and I paid for that once we got into the swing of yet another school year. I'm done making those mistakes, so I'm making a list for myself and you to learn how to relax during summer break.

You will better for it!

How to Relax During Summer Break - Moms are popular for going and going, and not taking time for themselves. Learn how to easily take care of yourself during the summer breaks! |

Here are the things that I can allow me to relax during summer break:

  • Don't get into the habit of staying up later than I know I should – Every summer, I allow myself the freedom to stay up late, even though my youngest won't let me sleep in.  Burning the candle at both ends is a sure way of burning out quickly!
  • Menu plan easy healthy meals – Planning ahead gives me more time later!  I know this joy very much, but can get relaxed in this which sabotages my efforts to relax in body.  This includes easy to make and take things for times out of the house, with friends and at the pool!
  • Getting away from the house – If I'm home, I'm more likely to find something to do.  My most enjoyable summers were when my oldest two where young and I would pack us up for a FULL DAY at the pool. Literally!  We ate our lunch and dinner at the pool and often were there when they opened and closed, since my husband would join us after his work day.  I would take things that needed to be done, like planning the next school year, menu planning, grocery list and do it pool side. I invited friends to join us and I laughed the summer away!
  • Spending breakfast or lunch outside for most of the summer – I love sitting on my front porch, rocking in the chair and enjoying the country around me. Even before we moved to the country, you could find me on my swing in the front yard, watching the cars go by on our busy road or my favorite thing, watching my children exploring, discovering and sharing their things with me.
  • Reading a book in the open air – I have fond memories of the enjoyment of reading with the sounds of summer's insects busy making music.
  • Talking with a friend for a LONG extended call – Forgetting the duties that can often call my name, even when the house is in order is priceless when a long over due enjoyment of connecting with a friend turns into a LONG extended call or visit!
  • Having a picnic at a near by park – Just enjoying the simplicity of life and slowing down to enjoy a pastime of the past with my family is really a cherished thing and one I want to do more often, like I use to.

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