How to Organize for Binder Book Assignments

If you love using notebooks or lapbooks in your homeschool, you will want to be sure you learn about binder books!  We use binder books in so many ways, so being organized for assignments is a good thing when it comes to getting them done on time. To see some examples of how we use binder books, you may want to look through the 10 Days of Journaling Ideas, because I share several ideas of how you can do this, too.



Here is a list of supplies you will need to organize for binder book assignments:

  • Card stock – a large variety of colors
  • 3 ring hole-puncher
  • Clear tape – don't buy the dollar's store or your binder books will fall apart!
  • Double sided tape
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scissors – straight and/or craft scissors
  • Optional items: stickers, printouts, mini-books to name a few

How to Organize for Binder Book Assignments

Here is how we organize for binder books assignments:

  • We purchased cubby shelves at the local Target
  • We have all the color stock in one cubby
  • We have drawers for card stock scraps: one drawer for larger pieces, another draw for medium pieces and the last one for smaller pieces
  • We have drawers for templates: some with shapes and others with alphabets and numbers
  • We have drawers for stickers
  • We have bins for the different tapes, scissors and other odds of end of supplies

How to Organize for Binder Book Assignments

  • In another area, we host our paper cutter and three hole puncher, with ample room for the children to do their work if they desire

Having our office organized for binder book assignments have proven to be a great way to save time while working. You may enjoy seeing my Homemaker's Challenge post How to Organize a Home Office.


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