How to Make Your Own Disney Character Cake

There is nothing like seeing the face of you little one light up when they see that you are making your own Disney character cake for their special day.  We wanted to do a theme cake for our little guy turning 4, to go along with his new Planes movie and Planes figure toys he was getting for his birthday, but they hadn't came out with the pan… yet.

So creativity took over and the result was pure joy for our little boy!

Here is how to make your own Disney Character Cake:

Copy Your Disney Character

We first copied one of the packages from his gifts. We enlarged it to take up more of the cake. We cut out the plane only.

Trace Your Disney Character

Once it is cut, lay it on your cake.  Take a tooth pick and track the outside of the character.  Carefully remove the paper once you have traced the entire outside of the character.

Your Traced Disney Character Becomes Your Template

Then use the graphic to make lines for what is inside the graphic.  Don't fret about being perfect! There were several mistakes on our cake, but my little guy never noticed!

Make your frosting to match the colors to the character the best you can.  I used Wilton's Buttercream frosting for the best results.   We also love using Wilton's Gel Icing Colors. We also use the disposal pastry bags for easy clean up and our decorating tips.  Don't forget to purchase couplers, which holds the tip in place.

Decorate with a simple tip

Use a different pastry bag for each color and a different tip, but similar, for each bag.  I used tip number 16 and similar tips. I also used a tip number 2 for straight lines.

Make Your Own Dusty from Disney's Planes


If you don't think you can still do this after the tutorial, you could buy a generic airplane cake pan and use the colors of the character you are wanting to make or just buy the cupcake toppers to make that special day brighter!