How to Learn the Bible Through Drawing
This week in the Review Series, I'm sharing with you Grapevine Studies, a perfect way to learn the Bible through drawing.  With Grapevine Studies, your family can learn the Bible, discuss your beliefs, draw the Bible lesson and memorize scriptures together.  Their lessons start with traceables for three years old and continue through young teens.

Grapevine Studies has a large variety of resources to learn the Bible through drawing, however this review is going to be focused on the Creation to Jacob lessons.

How to Learn the Bible Through Drawing Instruction

Here is how to learn the Bible through drawing with Grapevine Studies:

Purchase your Teachers and Student Curriculum 

Grapevine Studies offers topics from Old Testament Overview, New Testament Overview, the Life of Jesus and many more.  I reviewed the Part 1 – Old Testament Overview of Creation to Jacob because I love to saturate my younger children with the faith and stories of the Old Testament. Choice the study that best fits your family's Biblical desires.

Get Your Supplies Ready

In addition to the curriculum, you will need a Bible, dry erase board or chalk board, dry erase markers or chalk and colored pencils. For older children, you can also have a Bible dictionary and an atlas of the Bible lands to further their studies. As a Charlotte Mason educator, I absolutely love having multi-level learning and this is the perfect Bible curriculum for implementing this type of learning within a family.

Using the Teacher's Guide

Each curriculum has a Teacher's guide that will give notes in green for easy lesson plans. In each lesson, there are words that are suggested for looking up in the Bible dictionary. Map work is also included. Starting the lesson with a timeline, teaching the chronological order of the events being studied, you will give a brief understanding of that time period and the events.  You can use your dry erase board to draw the stick figures for your children to duplicate in their student's book.  Also included are memory verse options, review questions and answers and freedom to apply the learning to fit the beliefs of your own family.

How to Learn the Bible through Drawing Together

Using the Student's Book

This is where the learning the Bible through drawing is implemented. Your children will draw their characters and events on index cards for easy review. Each lesson has a review area where the child draws as many details of their lessons as they can remember, using stick figures.  A great way to use narration through drawing to evaluate your child's retention. The memory verse can be copied or dictated at the bottom of the page, or can be a place for evaluation for older children.

Abraham and Isaac Drawing

Learning Together

I absolutely love learning as a family, so finding curriculum that teaches many subjects and be implemented with several ages, while providing multi-level learning opportunities is a curriculum that I will always recommend.

Grapevine Studies has been all of this! I love how my 4 year old and my 11 year old can work together, in the same space and learn together.

My favorite thing about reviewing this curriculum was hearing my 11 year old say, “I feel bad that Cassondra and Micah didn't do this for homeschool!