Often times, people assume that once you become an adult the learning stage is finished. I couldn't disagree more! You may not be able to teach old dogs new tricks, but it doesn't mean that an adults can't learn new things and that includes MOMS! I know it isn't easy to learn something new while being a mom, but I also know that it very possible with the right steps in place to make it happen.

How To Learn Something New While Being a Mom - Learning should never stop, especially when it doesn't have to! | www.joyinthehome.com

Many women find that once they are a wife and mother, making the decision to stay home and be a home keeper means that their own interest aren't important and that the right time will come along, when their children are older to pick up their interest then.

From my own experience, I would caution women to ‘find your identify‘ of who you were created to be, in addition to a wife and mother.

In my adult life, I have found joy and satisfaction learning how to paint (somewhat), learning how to make wedding cakes, learning how to decorate my home, learning how to be frugal, learning photography, learning to play the piano, learning a business and even making food from scratch.

Right now, I'm learning how to golf and my oldest son is my in structure. In fact, he is teaching our whole family how to golf.

I love using my God given skills and gifts to learn a something new, while letting it improve how I manage my home and care for my family.

I would encourage you to take a moment and consider what you are interested in learning and then finding a way to make it happen. Being resourceful is a great skill to have and don't forget the truth in ‘where there is a will, there is a way'.

You may be surprised that just focusing on learning something new will bring you joy and help you balance a difficult season in your life. It often times has been the very thing that has carried me through the challenges of being on call 24/7 and especially when I felt like my own identity was lost.

How to Learn Something New

  • Focus on one thing at a time – Learning more than one thing at a time can bring more stress than you may want to deal with, where a focus attention will give you results that can be measured and appreciated.
  • Enforce quiet time while you learn – Usually a 30-60 minute time, maybe nap time is the right time for your family.
  • Get your family involved – Share with them how you are making progress and see if there is something that they want to learn independently, while you work on your new thing. Maybe some of them would be interested in learning beside you.

When you have gotten enjoyment from your new thing and have learned a great deal, add another thing to learn. Just don't stop learning and living the uniqueness that YOU were created to be.

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