There are so many options available to homeschooling your children today, and the online resources are growing all the time. I would love to help you learn how to homeschool with online resources to supplement and teach your children with just what you are needing and know how to locate some great options for your family.

How to Homeschool with Online Resources - Learning to take advantage of online resources to teach and supplement your child's education can be easier with online resources. |

How to Homeschool With Online Resources

I’m sure you have seen a lot of online resources that could be used for homeschooling, but maybe you just aren’t sure how to implement them into your curriculum or how to supplement with them to actually use them in different ways. I love to ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ online resources that I can search through to find exactly what I’m working to include in our homeschooling.


I love using online resources that have games to make learning fun and entertaining, while being educational. From early learning during the preschool years, and even solidifying concepts for elementary grades, online games can be really helpful to those struggling to learn through just books or need a little reinforcement to get faster with the concepts.

I love having one day a week where we focus on adding games to at least one of our subjects to keep our children excited and motivated in their learning.


Worksheets are one of the online resources that are growing in popularity within the homeschooling community. Worksheets from learning to write the alphabet, to word finds, to labeling the body and globe, to a number of ideas to get a child working on a theme or subject and demonstrate what they know.

I use worksheets all the time to supplement many subjects. If my child needs a little extra work on a math fact or quizzing on geography, I love printing out a worksheet and see what they retained, and where I need more focused learning, as the worksheets help me gauge where they are in their progress.


Hands-on learning is one of my favorite ways to teach, and some times it is hard to keep finding new activities to introduce new concepts.  I love saving the ideas that I come across, and scrolling through these resources when I need new inspiration and activities to inspire learning with things I have around the house to teach what we are doing in homeschooling.

We do hands-on activities several times a week, so having fresh ideas are really important for me and my children.


With digital products becoming more popular, online resources can also include workbooks with theme learning for all ages and grades. I enjoy using these to supplement our living books, when a subject needs a little more attention, but I don’t desire to buy a full curriculum to teach it.


Lessons plans are becoming more and more available online, so bookmarking them when you come across them can really help when you decide to add that topic to your homeschooling. Having someone else pull together the what and how of your homeschool can really eliminate a lot of the behind the scenes work, so you can focus on the actual learning and get more out of each subject.


Kids love to do experiments to see how science actually works. The more you can add this to your homeschooling, the more interested your children will become in the reasons because how, and apply themselves more to their learning because their interest has been perked with an experience.

Having your child participate in science fairs can also be a great way to add science projects, and get your children having fun with experimenting on their own and enjoying writing papers to explain it.