Homeschooling can be a difficult decision for many families. A lot of thought and consideration goes into this decision. For many, curriculum in a box or piecing together textbooks seem to be the best solution for their family. However, for some families, a Charlotte Mason way of education appeals to them, but they lack the confidence to take that leap of faith and homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way.

How to Find Confidence to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason |

How to Find the Confidence to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way

Educate Yourself

You have heard the saying, ‘knowledge is power'.  This is so true when working to build your confidence in something new but important to you.

I would recommend a few things to learning more about the Charlotte Mason education:

Find Support

Getting face to face support is always the kind that I would recommend anyone lacking confidence. However, it is difficult finding others within your area that are homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way.  Don't dispair!

I would love to invite you to join The Charlotte Mason Way Facebook group for the support you need and get that confidence with others within that group.

Consult with Someone

Getting advice from someone who has already walked where you are walking is a great way to find confidence in the choices you make in homeschooling your children.


Keep Learning of New Ways to Her Old Method

The last thing that I would recommend is to keep learning of new ways to implement Charlotte Mason's methods.  Pinterest is a great way to do that.  I invite you to follow me on Pinterest, because I'm pinning things that keep my homeschooling journey fun and exciting, while staying true to the methods that we love the most!