I needed to find a natural remedy to fight a fever so when I heard that onions work to bring down a temperature, I decided to try it.
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My youngest son has had three fever induced seizures, and has been on a medicine routine with each of his fevers since his first Febrile seizure when he was 14 months old.  His body no longer reacts to Tylenol and can be very scary to not have something to keep his fever in check. My younger sister was the first to tell me that I could fight his fever naturally with an onion.

The next time he got a fever, I sent my husband to the store for a fresh yellow onion. He sliced it and we placed one slice in each of his socks.  I gently rubbed the juice of the onion onto the base of his foot, as I held his feverish body.

It worked so well that we now have a fresh onion as one of our ingredients to our traveling medicine bag.

How to Fight a Fever Naturally with an Onion

Use Fresh Yellow Onions
If the onions have been sitting around for a while, they won’t be as potent and may not be effective.

Do NOT Refrigerate the Onions

Cold onions will not be welcomed by a feverish person, so we keep our onions in room temperature.

Slice 1/2 -3/4 Inch Wide

You want to slice the onion thick enough so that will stay together for the most part. You want to go from the top of the onion to the bottom, not from side to side.

Place Remaining Onion in a Ziplock Bag

Place the unused onion in a ziplock bag, to use for the next administration.

Gently Massage the Onion into Your Foot

Once the onion is secure in the sock, massage the onion juice into the foot gently to help the healing benefits of the onion to get into the body.

Place Slices on the Bottom of the Foot

The best way to do this is to have the person lie down and elevate their foot. Put the onion on the bottom of their foot, and hold it there, while carefully placing a sock over the foot and onion.

Walk with Caution

If the person with the onion in the sock needs to get up, walk with caution because the onion is slippery and could cause an injury if you fall.

Replace Sliced Onions Every 4-6 Hours

Being careful not to touch the onion, remove the sock with the onion still inside. Take the sock to the garbage and turn it inside out to remove the onion straight into the garbage without touching it. Replace the onion with a fresh slice in each sock. Repeat until the fever is gone.

Place Sliced Onions in Bowls throughout the House

We also place a bowl with sliced onions through the house to help remove the germs from the air.

These are the steps we do when anyone in our house is sick with a fever. Within 24 hours, the fever and the symptoms are gone and health seems to be returning.