How to Eliminate Obstacles in Your Home School Year
Before every school year starts, I take some time to identify what obstacles are within our home, organize and then work to eliminate obstacles with a few steps that helps to make our home school year a success.

Here are the steps I used to eliminate obstacles:


At the end of every summer, I find myself into some habits that aren't the kind that will benefit my homeschool year and I need to start with myself before I start with my children to eliminate these obstacles.

To name a few of my own habits that can cause some big obstacles, they are: sleeping habits, answering the phone, the internet, meals, lack of focus, lack of motivation (okay, liking to do other things beside homeschooling), laundry and knowing that I tend to stay at home because there is so much to keep me busy.

After I identify what my own obstacles I can create, I move my attention to my children's summer habits.  A few of the yearly ones we need to eliminate are sleeping habits, not wanting to give us their beloved free time and focused attention on their growing interest, shorter days (less sun to do things outside), grumpiness brought on from having a routine, less time for electronics and earlier bedtimes.

In addition to these I have the additional things of homeschooling different ages, including have a preschooler and running a blog.

Once I have done my part of identifying the obstacles, I then put into action a plan to eliminate obstacles that I can.



I have always thrived when I have things organized and so do my children.  I recently shared 7 Things I Organize for Back to Home School that will give you some ideas of how I have been able to help to eliminate obstacles but I have a few other things that still need my attention.

These addition things are having a system that works for the laundry, having a chore system so everyone can help around the house, I develop a routine for our day (subscribe to my blog to see a sample of our routine and other exclusive PDFs) and then start rising earlier and going to bed earlier.


Over the 14 years that I have homeschooled, I have found that the years that I took the time to evaluate our home before starting homeschool gave me the ability to identify obstacles, then to organize so that I was one step closer to eliminate obstacles, but unless you implement the plan it is never going to work.

Many times, just sharing my plan with my family or a few friends will enable me to make progress, but on days when I struggle more than usual, I feel I need more than that… I need a community of encourages moving me forward.