Children love learning centers, so why not create a learning center in your home? Our five year old has had the benefit of learning boxes since he was two and at the age of five, he still enjoys them and learns at all times of the days with the simple addition of a learning center in our home.

How to Create a Learning Center in Your Home - Making learning boxes accessible for kids will make it easier for them to learn independently. |

How to Create a Learning Center in Your Home

I had creating a learning center out of reach when my youngest was little, because of the choking hazards of many of the learning boxes that we would do together.  As he has grown, we realized that we needed to move these loved boxes down where he was able to enjoy these learning activities throughout the day, especially since he is way past the age of putting things in his mouth.

I used a shelf that we have had since we were first married and I decided to paint it to go with the other elements in our school room. We loved the fresh color and how the colors popped together for an inviting area for our son that loves hands-on activities to learn the foundation of his education.

We filled the learning center with learning boxes that will teach him through play, knowing the benefits that they bring to his education.

Here are some of the Learning Boxes that Fill Our Learning Center


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Sort by Color Learning Box


Uppercase and Lowercase Learning Box

The more you turn playtime into learning time, you give your child a head start to the foundations of learning. One of those foundations is that learning is fun!