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I remember the season in my life when my third child was a toddler and I didn’t seem to be enjoying my life of as a wife and mother any longer. I loved my family and had always desired to be a homemaker, but my joy in doing it was gone.  I would love to share with you, what I did to help bring my joy back into being a homemaker.

How to Be a Joyful Homemaker

  • Admit to Yourself if You are Struggling – I had a hard time just admitting to myself that my joy was disappearing, until the day when I seemed to be crying over little things and not smiling as much.  I could always find the ability to act accordingly when around friends and family, but deep inside, I knew something was missing.  The day that I got honest with myself, I realized it was my joy.
  • Search For Scripture – For me, I turned to the Bible.  I knew I needed joy in my life and so I searched the word ‘joy’ in the Bible. I became determined that my family matter so much to me that I needed to find the answer and put it into affect into my life. What I found was amazing – joy is a result of action in the Bible. ‘Shout for joy’ was what I was finding again and I started to realize that ‘for’ was the key word in what I was looking to obtain.
  • Make a Plan and Put it into Action – When I realized that joy was the result of shouting, I began singing and praising the Lord, my husband and my children. I began to see that I was allowing my joy to disappear because I was focusing on me and not the things that bring me joy to begin with and to keep it.  My plan was simple, music was going to be a big part of my day. I cleaned with music; I cooked with music; I homeschooled with music; we put music on when my husband came home.  I sang with the music.  I found reasons to laugh.  I organized time for laughter with my children and my husband.
  • Find a Reminder – We often forget where we are encouraged and how to stop the cycles in our lives that keep us from change. A few years ago, I found myself being challenged with losing my joy, because outside attacks on our home. I was crying and feeling defeated at every turn.  I came across this decal that easily goes on your wall that says – “May You Live Every Day of Your Life With Joy” and it is on the wall of my home, where life happens most.

I encourage you to find encouragement and resources that will keep you striving to be a joyful homemaker in all that you do. Below are some of the resources that will keep you inspired to find joy in the mundane of life.


Here are some good things that will encourage you in your journey to being a joyful homemaker: