How to Balance Marriage and Motherhood
I remember the days when my husband and I were new parents and I struggled inside wondering if I was giving my husband enough attention, while nursing, nurturing and napping with my new baby.  I have heard how some men get quite jealous when a baby comes along and changes the dynamics of their marriage.

How to Balance Marriage and Motherhood


In our marriage, I would ask my husband often if I was spending enough time with him and because I made an effort to give him my time every evening, after the baby was in bed even for an hour, he was very happy.  I adore my husband and I wanted to be sure that our marriage always was strong for our sake and our children's sake.


There are times in my life, especially now when I balance home, homeschooling and blogging that prioritizing has allowed me to stay balanced in my marriage and my role as a mother.

Prioritizing to me is simply putting first things first. If my marriage is feeling strained or distant, I make sure to set aside some time to communicate, laugh and enjoy my husband fully, keeping our love thriving and our connection tight.

If I feel my children are getting a little out of hand, I buckle down on my outside commitments or outings and focus on discipleship and correction. If I find that I'm feeling overwhelmed, stressed or losing my identity as an individual, I plan a night out with friends.


For our family, a schedule is key to staying balanced and happy within our home. We know that if we are going too many places or not having enough time for the things that matter within our family unit that we will suffer greatly as a married couple and in our roles as parents.

With scheduling, we attempt to start our day around the same time, keep the same activities going on the same days and go to bed around the same time.  Our children thrived on it and so do we.

Have Fun

My husband and I have always enjoyed to laugh together and we make it a priority to keep fun in our lives… always! We try to keep excitement in our daily lives, although it doesn't always happen, it is nice to find a moment to just be about him and him about me, even when our house is loud and active!


Here are some great resources to help you find balance in your marriage and motherhood:



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