Some children just love being around other people. I have two of these kinds of children. It can be a challenge for some families to homeschool the social-craving child, especially if their homeschool only consist of themselves or one other sibling.

Homeschooling the Social-Craving Child - Learning how to give them what they need. |

Homeschooling the Social-Craving Child

Wanting to be around other peers isn't a bad thing and many children really need this for their personality, especially if they had been in a school setting for several years and then you begin to homeschool. This can really be a difficult adjustment for some children.

There are several opportunities in the homeschooling community that you can participate in to help them fill the social-craving that they have and still homeschool the way you desire.


Sports are becoming more and more popular in the homeschool community. I have seen softball, volleyball, football, t-ball, soccer, swim teams and more.

Chess Club

Our children have participated in Chess Club and loved it! It doesn't take much to start your own club, just a handful of children, an adult that is knowledgable about Chess and of course, some games.

Nature Club

Our family has loved getting together with other homeschooling families to enjoy nature walks, nature centers and field trips centered around nature. You can literally just start it yourself by inviting a few friends.


Co-ops are becoming very popular in the homeschool communities. Several in our area actually offer their own graduation ceremony. You can start one yourself with some easy things to do with other families or join an establish one to give your children more homeschooling experience.

Field Trips

I love taking my children on field trips, but often times going with another family or two helps me ‘kill two birds with one stone' and of course, the children love having their friends on a homeschool related field trip.

In the end, there are many opportunities to get your children involved and still homeschooling. The best way to get familiar with the opportunities in your area is to join a support group or become a member of your state's organization that will keep you informed of what is available year round.