Do you want to teach independence and accountability to your children, but not sure how to do it? I would like to introduce you to a set of homeschool planners that will help you accomplish that while organizing assignments, schedules and responsibilities for all reading members of your home.

Homeschool Planners For the Whole Family - How to Teach Independence & Accountability |

Homeschool Planners for the Whole Family: How to Teach Independence and Accountability

The more children a home has the more the desire to help them each learn to be independence, while having a sense of accountability. I have found that with our own home, the sooner I give my children the responsibility for their daily homeschool lessons, the easier it is to see that independence and accountability unfold in their lives.

The difference between independence and accountability is important to understand before implementing a system that includes homeschool planners that children become responsible for on their own.

With independence, this is something that is expected of the child to learn and demonstrate. Without clear understanding, instruction and direction, independence can easily become a handicap for a child, because then they believe they are their own boss. However, with the correct safeguards in place, a child that is trusted with her or his daily assignments will begin to feel a pride of accomplishment in their work and the correct balance of independence that will breed respect of authority, while taking ownership of their work.

With accountability, this is something that the adult is responsible for to ensure that a child is learning proper focus and attention to the details of their assignments. When first starting out with independent work, based off a homeschool planner that belongs to one child, I personal hold the child accountability daily. Bad habits are hard to break when too much goes between accountability checks.

I will then increase the days between accountability checks, as the child has demonstrated proper independence, until I work up to only checking on their assignments at the end of the week.

Let me introduce you to the homeschool planners that the whole family can benefit from, while you focus on teaching independence and accountability in each of your family members.

Learn more about this Ultimate Homeschool Planner

I love how thought out this homeschool planner is, as it focuses on more than just academic needs for your family. With nearly 300 pages, this planner has EVERYTHING.

Here is what is included:

  • Sturdy construction with convenient pockets and coated covers
  • Six years of calendars for long-term planning
  • One-Year Planning Grid for the year ahead
  • Student Goal Setter pages to identify academic and character goals for each child
  • Family Priorities page to help you keep life in perspective
  • Resource List pages to track resources for up to six children
  • Two-page planning grid for each month
  • Special Notes for scheduling exceptions that break your routine
  • Wide margins to record prayers and answers to prayers
  • Scriptures for meditating on God’s faithfulness
  • Exclusive Lord’s Day feature for making God’s Word a central part of your plan
  • Maximum flexibility to organize for up to six children by day or subject
  • Memorable Moments and Evidences of Grace pages for recounting God’s activity in your life and home school
  • Pages to record grades for up to six children and six subjects
  • Reading List pages for up to six children
  • Field Trip and Outside Activities logHigh School Planning Grid with a sample plan
  • Year-End Review pages for reflection and next year’s planning

Learn more about this Ultimate Homeschool Planner

Do you have children in elementary grades that already know how to read, and you desire to begin working on their independence and helping them be accountable for their work? If so, I have a great homeschool planner just for them!

The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students

This student planners is colorful, and includes trivia questions, timeline facts for World and American history, along with plenty of space for daily assignments, with slots for marking when they are completed, and when the work has been approved. The perfect system to implementing the independence and accountability.

You can learn more about this student planner and download a free sample.

Do you have a teen that is going into high school, and you want a system that they can help you better track credit hours?  You will want to check this teen planner out:

Check out more about this planner with the download sample.

This teen planner does that and in a theme look that appeals to teenagers, along with quotes, and verses that appeal to moms. It also includes a lot of reviews for grammar and math that will prove helpful to many teens.

Check out more about this planner with the download sample.