Hand-eye Coordination Water Sensory Play www.joyinthehome.com #tpmoms (Toddler & Preschooler Moms)

Play is the perfect way to teach hand-eye coordination and water sensory play is the perfect way for any summer day or at bath time.

Here is how I have taught hand-eye coordination with water sensory play in our home:

Different Shapes and Sizes Containers

I absolutely love Discovery Toys Measure Up Cups, Pots and spoons to teach the hand-eye coordination needed to pour from one container to another one. You can also use plastic cups or kitchen measuring cups to do the same thing.

Hand-eye Coordination Water Sensory Play www.joyinthehome.com #tpmoms (Toddler & Preschooler Moms)

Practice Pouring from Small Container to Big Container

All children love to feel accomplished and creating that when working on hand-eye coordination when using water sensory play is really important.  I always start with having them use a smaller container to pour into a bigger containing adding to the potential of success.  You can help by holding the bigger one, as they pour from the smaller one. Once their coordination improves they can practice on their own, by holding both of them.

Hand-eye Coordination Water Sensory Play www.joyinthehome.com #tpmoms (Toddler & Preschooler Moms)


Practice Pouring from Big Container to Small Container

Once success has been accomplished, move the child to using a bigger container to a smaller container. This is really important to learn because it emulates the skills necessary to pour milk into a cup. Most of us know that our children desire to do this way before their muscles are trained for this hand-eye coordination. Using water sensory play to build this skill takes the pressure out of doing it right from the beginning and allows a safe place for mistakes and spills.

You can aid them by holding the smaller container or have them practice having it lower, as many kids love to ‘do it themselves’. Consider saving plastic milk gallons or half gallon containers for this water sensory bin activity.

Before you know it, the hand-eye coordination for pouring will be built and strong for even a young preschooler.

Are you looking for other sensory bin ideas to build life-skills like these into your toddlers and preschoolers?

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