The 31 Days of Exploring Free Afternoon Activities will inspire you to give freedoms to your children to explore handicrafts/hobbies, life skills and interest that will fill their afternoons with wonder, imaginations and creativity. Providing hours of enjoyment for your children, and creating an atmosphere of learning through 30 hands-on activities for older kids. These are the things that my children filled their after hours with thanks to the influence of the Charlotte Mason way.

31 Days of Exploring Free Afternoon Activities Series - Includes 30 Hands-on Activities Perfect for Handicrafts or Hobbies. |

31 Days of Exploring Free Afternoon Activities

You can focus on one activity each afternoon until it is mastered or no longer an interest, or mix and match as many as your children desire to fill their afternoon with activities that will encourage them to use their free time wisely, while building their education around hands-on learning for things that can shape and mold their adulthood.

Looking for ideas to keep your children growing with hands-on activities? These 30 hands-on activities for older kids are the perfect way to keep that love of learning growing with them!

30 Hands-on Activities for Older Kids |



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