The love of woodworking starts at an early age with the love of hammering. Why not explore woodworking when the interest presents itself naturally?

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Explore Wood Working

Most parents love to buy their young sons a plastic set of tools to allow him to mimic daddy when he works. Not many parents continue with growing this interest after the toddler stage, and it is so important to let young children work with real tools to learn important skills that can be used in their adult life.

I love the children's tool set that have real tools, made smaller for their little hands and muscles.

We love doing little projects with our younger children, allowing them the ability to learn how to properly use their little set of tools, while building something useful, like these: Bird House kit, Game Board Kit, Coin Bank and Race Car Kit.

All of my children, including my daughter, have learned how to use tools, along side their daddy. When my oldest son was a 12 year old boy, he took over the job of putting together anything that needed to assembled. When he was 14 and my daughter was 15, they both put together our dinning room set that was delivered.

As our sons grow, we purchase them a small tool box and add tools each birthday, so when they have a home of their own, they will be set with the needed tools to fix things around the house.

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