All little boys can’t wait to get their first pocket knife, at least that has been the case with my boys. Then again, my daughter loved having her own knife. It is always the perfect time to start exploring whittling and carving.

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Explore Whittling & Carving

Knives scared me. I'm going to admit it.

It took me a while to be willing for my children to have them, but now, all I require is obedience and responsibility to be a character of a child before they get their first pocket knife. We make sure they obey, for the safety rules that come with owning their own knife. Of course, the responsibility can go along with it, because this demonstrates that they are capable of putting their knives in the right place, and away from younger children who haven't been given these privileges, yet.

Our children just started whittling branches for their first projects during their free afternoon time. My oldest son did cut his finger really badly while whittling, but it was because he looked away and continued to whittle. The scar reminds him of the importance of paying attention when using a knife.

All that is needed to start whittling is a small branch, a knife and the knowledge that you push the knife away from your body, while watching every stroke carefully.

If you have a child that loves to whittle and you desire to encourage a project, like a walking stick, you can invest in a whittling knife and sheave.

Once a child gets comfortable with whittling, they may want to broaden their skills with learning to carve. We purchased a carving set for our son's birthday and included a mesh glove for cutting protection.

With these tools and extra time in the afternoon, you will see your children creating and learning skills they will use for a lifetime.

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